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Bill and Kevin celebrate Paul (of Paul and Storm)’s birthday

You might recall the names Paul and Storm from the Tron Rifftrax entry, which they performed with Jonathan Coulton. You might recall it, and hopefully you do, as their names have resurfaced once again in MSTdom. See, it was Paul’s birthday recently, and Storm sought out recorded messages from their friends for a special video birthday present. Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, among others, answered the call.

Bill went for a somewhat more straightforward message than most of the other participants, and you can find him around the 7-minute mark. Kevin, on the other hand, decided to go any which way but straightforward, dusting off the United Servo Academy Men’s Chorus name (or in this case, the academy’s “Liturgical Ensemble”) and serenading Paul in (I believe) Latin. It’s at the end of the video, around the 13-minute mark, and well worth a listen.

The rest of the video is pretty funny and, assuming you like funny (you do), you would probably do well to watch it as well. If you’re as big of a fan of the United Servo Academy as I am, this is a really nice surprise.


The Incredibly Strange Filmmaker Who Stopped Living

Pardon the juvenile headline, but I think it’s what Ray would’ve wanted.

The infamous director of The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, Ray Dennis Steckler, passed away last Wednesday. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. He was 70. Steckler had just finished post-production on the sequel to Strange Creatures, subtitled One More Time. The original film is one of the most loved and hated Mystery Science Theater episodes.

Say what you will about Steckler’s films and his approach to filmmaking — he may have acted somewhat self-importantly at times, he may have lacked talent in areas — but the man appeared to truly love film. He was never especially fond of MST3K’s use and treatment of Strange Creatures, particularly taking issue with the riffs centered around his wife, who portrayed the somewhat masculine dancer.

Ray was also good friends with Arch Hall, Jr., the protagonist of Eegah, a film in which Steckler’s acting persona, “Cash Flagg,” also appeared briefly. Wikipedia has a good summary of Ray’s career. One More Time releases direct-to-DVD in June 2009.

R.I.P. Beverly Garland

This is a little late, but I need to post about it. Last week, actress Beverly Garland passed away at the age of 81. Beverly was beloved amongst the cast of MST3K for her ballsy characters in such films as Gunslinger and It Conquered The World. She also proved to be a good sport, appearing at the first official MST3K convention. She seemed like a real treasure, and it’s an absolute shame to see her go.

Monkeyshines: No Kosugi like Sho Kosugi

Sunday irrelevance: ninja movie flowchart [Boing Boing Gadgets]

Martha Stewart drinks MST3K’s milkshake

The intertubes are all abuzz about Whatever, Martha!, so you’ve probably heard about this already.  Apparently, Martha Stewart has given the thumbs-up to this show, which will involve two women — Alexis Stewart (Martha’s daughter) and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt (daughter of the chairman of Martha’s empire, and no relation to Jabba The) — poking fun at clips of Martha’s 1990s TV show. Sound familiar?

Evidently, Martha herself came up with the concept, after watching some late-night reruns of Mystery Science Theater. So, either this idea has been stewing in Martha’s well-kept brain for almost ten years, or she has created her own private TV network that still shows MST3K episodes. The latter would be less surprising.

Whatever, Martha! debuts on September 16th, and will air on the Fine Living network, which apparently exists. Frankly, I hold no hope for it. Sure, Martha’s ripe for riffing, but when the riffers are her daughter and her top employee’s daughter? Despite Fine Living’s claims of the commentary being “candid and often acerbic,” I’m voting guilty until proven innocent.

Monkeyshines: Vampira works the crowd

Came across this fantastic picture of Vampira recently, presumably mugging it up for some young fans. I just felt like sharing it. And I feel like this sort of post should have a title. Like “Deep Photos” or “Apetography,” or… Okay, I’ll stop.

Also, I know I’m really behind in posting. I’ll try to catch up!

Late-Night Thoughts

So, it’s 4AM over here, and I’m looking through the blog’s visitor statistics, before I head to bed. And I notice something. Something that leads me to a question that is sure to puzzle me through ’til the morning: Why is there a sudden influx of people coming to this site via searches for Beowulf and naked pictures of Angelina Jolie?

True enough, my post about Beowulf‘s Rifftrax did mention Angelina Jolie’s CGI nakedness from the film, but why now? Am I missing something? I mean, granted, a naked Angelina Jolie is never something to be scoffed at, but I’m just perplexed as to why the planets having seemingly aligned and driven everyone to search for epic poems and topless adoption fanatics. Is it the work of one sad man, or of many? What happened over the course of the past two days to create this surge?

Shrug. Honestly, this isn’t even one of the weirder ones.