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SDCC: Comic-Con Rocks, But You Knew That Already

Photo courtesy of Queen Shadowrama.

To those who were unable to attend Comic-Con 2008 this year (Hugh included), I have been asked to report the goings-on to your eagerly awaiting computer screens.

By now, you all know that the DVDs for the 20th Anniversary Box Set are Laserblast, Werewolf, Future War, and First Spaceship on Venus, but did you know that Dr. Forrester has a third lightening bolt streak…in his pants? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Kudos to Trace for sharing that deeply intimate detail! Unfortunately, it made Mike and Kevin try to rip out their own eyeballs.

Anyway, the 20th Anniversary panel was a roaring success, and everyone on the panel seemed to be having a great time. No tension at all, just fun. At the beginning, the lights were dimmed and we were treated to our favorite opening theme song, mishmashed so that all the eras were blended into a single song. Joel’s voice flowed into Mike’s and each of the Bots were given a double Robot Roll Call to cover the cast changes for each one. (Click for more, after the cut.)

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Weekend Internets: John Philip Law Edition

Well, now’s as good a time as any to keep tabs on what the internet’s saying about MST3K and its offspring. I’ll probably start making these posts more often, whenever I have a small surplus of links building up. So, onward.

[+] Dude, the drugs on this planet are, like… whoa…
Gawker’s new, shamefully enjoyable sci-fi blog, io9, recently highlighted the film Phantom Planet. There’s a couple of videos and, naturally, an MST mention.

[+] Super-Con article on MetroActive
California site MetroActive has a good article up on the Cinematic Titanic crew’s appearance at Super-Con, this weekend. It’s a surprisingly beefy article, even touching on Frank’s Cartoon Dump project.

[+] Movie reviews: a big one and a small one
With the rerelease of MST3K: The Movie on DVD comes a batch of new DVD reviews. OhmyNews International wrote a lengthy review, while CanMag posted a short one. Both reviews are typical: The Movie is good, though not the series’ high point; and the DVD is anemic, but welcome.

[+] It’s a John Philip Lawlapalooza!
This morning, I stumbled across a rather impressive video of an intro to what is apparently a documentary about the recently deceased John Philip Law, titled The Swinging Lust World of John Philip Law. I’ve embedded it after the break, along with even more John Philip Law than you can shake a stick at. Did you know he was in a movie called “Doctor Justice”? Oh hell yeah.

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Cartoon Dump Gets A Holla From Wired

Wired.com continues to show love to the Brains’ projects, this time giving a little publicity to Frank Conniff’s Cartoon Dump project. There’s really not much to the article, but I’m sure it’ll help generate a bunch more hits, and a few more fans, for Frank’s series, which is still going strong despite his involvement with Cinematic Titanic. But you probably didn’t know that.

I have to apologize for not covering Cartoon Dump as much, in recent months. Admittedly, it’s taken a backseat to Cinematic Titanic, and not just on this blog. The sixth and most recent episode was posted to Cartoon Brew Films in October. (The fifth episode is embedded above. If Erica Doering’s manic intro doesn’t kill you, you’re no son of mine.) They continue to perform live shows on every fourth Tuesday (at least), so keep an eye out.

2007 In Review: The State of The MSTie Union

You know it’s a special post when the title and the tags are both excessively, unnecessarily long. If you’re an ignorant, out-of-touch MSTie, then this blog post is for you. See, there’s been an incredible amount of activity in the past year related to our favorite eight-years-dead TV show. So much, in fact, that you almost might not think that it was dead. (Let’s all come to terms with it, kids – Mystery Science Theater 3000 as we know it, for the foreseeable future, is dead.)

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to summarize the recent goings-on in the MSTie community as efficiently as possible, while keeping an eye on 2008. There are currently six available ways to get your fix of Brain stew, most of which do manage to provide sufficient lulz. How can you get your fix? Click past the break for a rundown of the state of the MSTie union.

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Brain Eye Candy from Cartoon Dump

Well, Trace remains unseen, no doubt applauding away in his seat, but I was correct in my prediction of a little Braingasmic photo op after Tuesday’s Joel-featuring Cartoon Dump performance. I probably don’t need to point out who’s who. Sadly, it’s not just Joel and Frank but, hey, you take what you can get. And I won’t mention the guy in the cap who appears to be staring at Erica Doering’s ass. Nope. Not gonna mention it.

(This picture comes straight from Mr. Jerry Beck himself, seen on the far left, looking very Mallon-esque. Thanks, Jerry. Keep ’em coming.)

UPDATE: Trace Visits The Cartoon Dump Too

Just a quick follow-up to the previous post. Tomorrow’s live Cartoon Dump performance, with Joel operating a puppet, will also feature Trace Beaulieu – sort of. Straight from Jerry Beck himself, Trace will be in the audience for the August 28 show, but he will NOT be performing. Presumably, there’ll be some sort of photo op for you Californian camera-wielders with Joel, Frank, and Trace all up on stage hugging or something. Either way, there is sure to be one hell of a MSTgasm for those in the room. Gird your loins, attend the show, and take pictures. I’ll reward you handsomely, if you do. And by “handsomely,” I mean “with nothing at all.”

Joel Visits The Cartoon Dump

Yes, you read that right. Joel Hodgson is emerging from the little pocket of subspace that he perpetually hides in, and he’ll be joining Frank Conniff on-stage for the next Cartoon Dump live performance. Once again, though, it’s only the Californians that will benefit from this event, as this will be exclusive to the live show and will not be recorded for the web series. Joel will be handling a new puppet character, and the performance will occur next Tuesday, the 28th, at 8PM. As usual, it’ll be held at The Steve Allen Theater in LA, where Cartoon Dump performances can be seen every fourth Tuesday of the month. Stupid, dumb Californians.

[via Satellite News]