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Okay, so I don’t actually get asked questions very frequently, but no one is going to get the abbreviation for “Infrequently Asked Questions.” I just figured I’d do one of these things, for the poor lost souls who enjoy this sort of thing.


A while ago, I noticed a void in the internet, in the area of MST3K-related news and fresh content. So, I decided to take action and make the internet a more puppet-intensive place by starting Deep Ape. This is a blog entirely about posting Mystery Science Theater 3000-related news and content, plain and simple.


Sadly, the following paragraph is necessary: In keeping with the snarky, blunt spirit of MST3K, I try to be honest and forthright. Integrity is important to me, so you will likely hear opinions that you disagree with. Shocking! Rest assured, I never mean any disrespect, and I love MST3K and the Brains dearly. So, when you see me crankier than Kevin Murphy at the Mall of America, let’s not forget these words of wisdom: “It’s just a [blog], and you should really just relax.” Is it really worth getting upset over?


The blog’s title is a reference to the nickname given to the “Planet of the Apes” set from MST’s 8th season. I prefer “Deep 13” personally, but that’s a little bit cliche for a blog title, don’t you think? I made the blog’s triangular logo myself, though it’s obviously based on the official Deep 13 logo from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Jim Mallon, please don’t sue me. I love you. I’ll buy you dinner.


Believe it or not, I have actually received this question a few times, so I’m not just stroking my ego. In short, the answer is, “No.” In long, while I’d love to have a couple of people writing on Deep Ape, I’m kind of particular about this blog. It’s really just “my thing,” at the moment. That said, I would love to find a good writing partner who’s on the same wavelength as me, so who knows? It could be you… or not. I do, for example, have the lovely Queen Shadowrama as part-time staff, occasionally sending in reports from live events.


A few years ago, I started working on a series of “fan-riffs” — those are homemade, MST3K-like commentaries, similar to Rifftrax On Demand. Essentially, I downloaded some public domain shorts, wrote and recorded my commentary (with help!), put the two together, and slapped them on YouTube. As you can see, I haven’t done anything beyond the initial six. People seem to like them though, so when I get around to buying a good mic, maybe I’ll do some more.


Yeah so, fortunately, WordPress doesn’t drown their blogs in advertising. I’m not real fond of ads, and you probably aren’t, either. So, I don’t want to slap any intrusive ads on the blog. However, I am a penniless hobo facing an inexplicably epic bout of unemployment and, thus, I do shill stuff for Amazon from time to time. So, I’d appreciate it if you’d click this link, the next time you shop at Amazon. That’s all.


Well, I’m known as “Hugh Beaumont” in the MSTie community. You can find me in other nooks of the internet going by “Sharpless”. Alternatively, if you’re some jerk who knows me in real life, you know me as “Matt.” I live on the East Coast, far away from most Brain activity. When I’m not regurgitating news here, I can be found leaving my oily mark on the Internet via Twitter.

In closing, thanks for reading this blog. You help keep me going. Unless you’re a prick, in which case you make me want to slap you senseless with my doughy little fists. Either way, I’m glad to have an audience, as talking to oneself does tend to grow tiresome after a while.

Until that time,
Hugh Matthew Sharpless – [ email ]

3 Responses

  1. Great blog… I’ve checked in on it many times over the last few months. Keep up the great work!

  2. Ok, “Hugh”…I found this blog thanks to Queen Shadowrama’s coverage of ComicCon, and I must say it’s Quality. I like your episode reviews–I like the separation of movie and episode reviews, and it’s kind of refreshing to admit that some episodes may not but 100% knee-slapping hilarity at all times. So thanks for the blog, and hats off to the Queen for her news coverage!

  3. Thank you for this blog! and the material you’ve gathered on it, it’s gold to anyone who loves MST3K! I am a fan, thanks!

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