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Late-Night Thoughts

So, it’s 4AM over here, and I’m looking through the blog’s visitor statistics, before I head to bed. And I notice something. Something that leads me to a question that is sure to puzzle me through ’til the morning: Why is there a sudden influx of people coming to this site via searches for Beowulf and naked pictures of Angelina Jolie?

True enough, my post about Beowulf‘s Rifftrax did mention Angelina Jolie’s CGI nakedness from the film, but why now? Am I missing something? I mean, granted, a naked Angelina Jolie is never something to be scoffed at, but I’m just perplexed as to why the planets having seemingly aligned and driven everyone to search for epic poems and topless adoption fanatics. Is it the work of one sad man, or of many? What happened over the course of the past two days to create this surge?

Shrug. Honestly, this isn’t even one of the weirder ones.


6 Responses

  1. Because there are people who still haven’t heard of Gia?

  2. Or Foxfire. I mean, I’m not asking why people are searching for pictures of her. I just don’t understand why suddenly, over the past few days, relatively large numbers of people are being drawn here by a three-month-old post that, prior to this, hadn’t received any hits for a long time.

    It’s just odd. The internet is so random.

  3. Heh. I did a blog post that reviewed the Beowulf movie and I intentionally mentioned the phrase “naked Angelia Jolie” just to see what would happen.

    Long story short: sex sells.

  4. Oh, totally. Believe it or not, though, I never mean to use it to sell a post. I’m just really… male. It happens.

  5. Don’t forget Hackers… despite how hard I’ve tried to over the years.

  6. You know what? That’s the film I was thinking of, not Foxfire. My bad.

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