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Rumors confirmed! MST3K reunion at Comic-Con is GO!

Okay, just ignore the last paragraph of my previous post. It’s happening. Satellite News brings word that the entire cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be getting together at the San Diego Comic-Con for a discussion panel. And when I say “the entire cast,” I mean it.

On Friday, July 25th, at 7:15PM, all the planets will align as Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, Kevin Murphy, Josh Weinstein, Trace Beaulieu, Bill Corbett, Mary Jo Pehl, Bridget Jones-Nelson, Frank Conniff, Paul Chaplin and, yes, even Jim Mallon gather together to, presumably, be asked incredibly awkward and inappropriate questions by throngs of confused and sweaty adoring fans. The panel will be moderated by Patton Oswalt, a comedian who’s actually kind of funny.

It’s all happening. My mind is so blown right now. Sadly, this doesn’t change my ability, or inability, to attend the conference. But hear me now, all attendees: Take pictures. Videotape this. Do so, or face the consequences. I can’t wait to see how it all goes down, especially with Jim and Paul — the two odd-men-out in the group, for various reasons — in attendance.

Can you imagine it? Joel and Mike, together for the first time since Soultaker! Trace and Bill together in public (behind the scenes, Bill and Trace briefly worked together, on the show) for the first time ever! On a related note, the end of the world will be occurring promptly, five minutes after the panel’s close. Thank you, and goodnight.


10 Responses

  1. Joel and Mike actually worked together last on Soultaker. And I’m disappointed that I cannot attend either…hopefully someone will have some nice pictures and/or video to share.

  2. Shirley you mean, Joel and Mike together for the first time since “Soultaker?”

    In any case, awesome news indeed, and if a home video of this doesn’t end up on Digital Archive Project or Youtube or something I’m going to destroy the Earth from the safety of my secret moonbase.

  3. “Trace and Bill together in public (behind the scenes, Bill and Trace briefly worked together, on the show) for the first time ever!”

    Actually Hugh, we sat together at Mary Jo’s wedding last year. But I guess there’s in public, and Comic-Con type in “public.” ;)

    As you might guess, Trace is a very nice guy.

  4. Doggone it! Sorry, I must’ve mentally blocked out Soultaker. Something to do with Joe Estevez, probably. Thanks for the corrections, guys. Me am smrt.

    It’s been suggested that maybe Shout Factory could record the panel for future DVD extras. Hopefully they have as much foresight as their fanbase, here.

    Also, thanks for stopping by, Bill. Yeah, if I can’t see it on the internet, it’s not “public” to me. :)

  5. Well I will definitely be attending, and you can bet that I will take plenty of pictures and have video of the whole thing. And if Comic-Con rules do not allow videotaping, well, they’re going to have to wrestle the camera away from me, because there is no way in hell that this historic event is not going to be documented!

    Maybe I’ll cut a hole in my purse and stick the video camera in there, all secret agent like…

  6. Generally speaking, Comic-Con allows recording without prior consent as long as it is not for commercial purposes. The exception to this is material being projected on the screens (trailers and whatnot).

    However, I’m wondering if this really is going to be at Comic-Con proper or if it’s going to be at an outside venue. There are rarely panels this late in the evening at Comic-Con and the Con’s final schedule hasn’t been worked out yet.

  7. I was kinda excited, since I was expecting something like this to come along in my lifetime. But my heart jumped for joy when I read that PATTON OSWALT was moderating! Holy crap! Loved him in Ratatouille and everything else. Plus, his brand of humor is very close to the Best Brains’. You gotta check out his rant on the KFC Famous Bowl at avclub.com sometime.

  8. great, not only does San Diego have the best weather in the universe, now theres this. i quit.

  9. Joel and Mike? Trace and Bill? Kevin and Josh?

    Sure, I can see those. But all of the above and Jim?? Wow.

  10. Man, I wish I still lived in San Diego. I would absolutely be there if I wasn’t on the other side of the country.

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