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Happy Birthday, Bill Corbett!


Today is Bill Corbett’s 89th* birthday! Looks good for his age, doesn’t he? Why not shoot him a birthday tweet on Twitter and tell him that you don’t hate Crow’s new voice? Deep Ape salutes you, sir.

* Give or take 40 years.


The MSTie’s 2008 Holiday Shopping Guide

Hi, guys! Remember me? There hasn’t been a whole lot to report of late, but I wanted to stop in and recap all the MST3K-related merchandise available for the MSTie on your holiday shopping list. Of course, as usual with me, it’s coming a little late, what with 9 days until Christmas. Still, if you’re in need of some last-minute shopping, give this humble guide a look, after the cut.

And yeah, if you wouldn’t mind clicking on my links for your Amazon shopping, I’d appreciate it. I only blatantly whore myself out once or twice a year, so bear with me. It will help put food in the mouths of all those children I don’t have. That said, I still encourage you to shop around and not take “too expensive” for an answer.

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Well, gang, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had a love-hate relationship with politics, this year. I’m really sick of all this nonsense, and after tonight it will effectively be over, but I’ve never been more interested and personally invested in an election. So, I’ll resist the urge to be partisan, and I’ll simply say that — as Joel would say — I abhor you to vote. This is your country, so go have your say.

Up above, you can find one of my favorite skits from MST3K. Right here, you can find your local polling location. Riff the vote, baby! Kevin says so.

Happy birthday, Kevin Wagner Murphy!

Yes. Wagner.

Our very own Tom Servo No. 2 was born 52 years ago, today. Kevin’s been a favorite of mine, ever since I read his delightful (yes, delightful) A Year At The Movies. Seems like a really awesome guy with a tremendous passion for cinema. So, fellow MiSTies, please join me in saying I HATE TOM SERVO’S NEW VOICE happy birthday to Kevin!

Enjoy some random Kevin-filled videos, after the break.

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Film Crew-featuring short wins top prize at Dragon*Con

What's up with Mike's face here? Didn't he used to be white?

Remember that animated short entitled Max the Hero, featuring Mike, Bill, and Kevin’s vocal talents? Well, apparently it won the award for “Best Animated Comedy” at Dragon*Con, a couple of weeks ago. The man behind it, Mike Salva, even had the award presented to him by Brad Dourif. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. Congrats, guys.

My apologies to Mike for not posting this sooner.

SDCC: Comic-Con Rocks, But You Knew That Already

Photo courtesy of Queen Shadowrama.

To those who were unable to attend Comic-Con 2008 this year (Hugh included), I have been asked to report the goings-on to your eagerly awaiting computer screens.

By now, you all know that the DVDs for the 20th Anniversary Box Set are Laserblast, Werewolf, Future War, and First Spaceship on Venus, but did you know that Dr. Forrester has a third lightening bolt streak…in his pants? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Kudos to Trace for sharing that deeply intimate detail! Unfortunately, it made Mike and Kevin try to rip out their own eyeballs.

Anyway, the 20th Anniversary panel was a roaring success, and everyone on the panel seemed to be having a great time. No tension at all, just fun. At the beginning, the lights were dimmed and we were treated to our favorite opening theme song, mishmashed so that all the eras were blended into a single song. Joel’s voice flowed into Mike’s and each of the Bots were given a double Robot Roll Call to cover the cast changes for each one. (Click for more, after the cut.)

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The Film Crew… for free

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See the above video, the one in between the frustrating and inexplicable empty spaces? That’s an entire episode of The Film Crew.

It seems that Shout Factory has branched out and made The Film Crew available on video site Hulu.com. Granted, it’s only one episode — Hollywood After Dark — but if you haven’t tried out any of their DVDs, this is a great way to give The Film Crew a try. You’ll have to sit through the occasional ad, as with all Hulu videos, but still — free!