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Rifftrax crew will not be a part of MST3K reboot


Mike Nelson and Bill Corbett recently took to Facebook and Twitter, respectively, to let fans know that they will not be participating in Joel Hodgson’s upcoming MST3K reboot. Basically, it sounds like they’re committed to Rifftrax, a project that is more their own than MST3K ever was, both financially and creatively; something which this exchange seems to further confirm. Which, you know, fair enough. Still, I can’t help but feel disappointed that they’ve already written off the possibility so quickly.

Kevin Murphy has yet to comment on the reboot,┬ábut one can assume he’s probably abstaining for similar reasons.


Brain Blog Round-up: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly Brain Blog Round-up. It was only a matter of time before our favorite Midwestern-types discovered the sirenic majesty of the internet and took advantage of it. Over the course of the past year, the Brains have been slowly taking to the blogosphere to share their wit and savvy with the rest of us poor shlubs. Given that we now have regular blog activity from five Brains, it seems appropriate to do a weekly summary of their posts. And that’s this.

For the week of November 26th to December 2nd, there was a huge shift in the Brain Blogosphere. While Mike had previously kept a MySpace blog, he had all but abandoned it. This past week, however, saw him shifting permanently over to the official Rifftrax blog for what is, apparently, a steady stream of posts. In those posts, Mike covered such topics as Michael J. Pollard, perspiring custard, Windham Hill, and his personal hit list. (Yes, that kind of hit.)

Lest we forget about the slightly less prolific Brains, Joel and Mary Jo were also active, this past week. Joel gave us another Cinematic Titanic update, in which he revealed that he put one over on us, as well as provided images of a model-making Trace. Meanwhile, fellow Titanic crew member Mary Jo mourns the loss of the brave trees that died fighting in the Crimean War. Stay tuned for next week’s round-up, featuring none other than our own Kevin “Meat Rack” Murphy.

Joel Hodgson
Greetings All

Mary Jo Pehl

Michael J. Nelson
It’s Hat-errific!
Welcome Myspace Readers
My Love is Like an Old, Old, um, Custard…
More Christmas Gift Ideas! (Don’t Say No Right Away)
Martha, Get the Shot Gun! MY FAVE
Roar, I Guess…
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
Any “Last Requests”?
Don’t Give Me Your Lip

Mike Nelson Blogs Around

As you may know, Michael J. Nelson has a MySpace profile, where he intermittently blogs. Well, put that in the past tense – his profile is still there, but he just put up this post, announcing that his blogging efforts will now be found elsewhere. That elsewhere is the ol’ RiffBlog. You can check out Mike’s RiffBlog intro post here, where he also mentions that Rifftrax employee Conor will also be sharing his wisdom with us. (And see my next post for even more interesting information.) And, true to their word, Mike and Conor have put up a couple of short posts, so do read on.

Next Rifftrax: Harry Potter and The Sorceror’s Stone

A while ago, I pointed out a tidbit that suggested that we would be seeing a Harry Potter Rifftrax in the near future. It took a little bit longer than I’d anticipated, but that rumor has come true. The next Rifftrax will be the first Potter film. If you hate the Potter series as much as I do, this will be welcome news. If, however, you are a fan of the books/movies/action figures, then you are either crying “BLASPHEMY!” or realizing that, “Yeah, I guess it is pretty ripe for riffing.”

Now, I don’t usually do this anymore, but I feel the need to put the full poster art after the cut. Last week, I praised the Transformers artwork for how well-done it was. Well, this week’s is also excellently done, but it’s also a little… disturbing. Mike and Bill look a little too… natural.

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MSNBC Enters The M(i)STs

MSNBC recently put up an article, dealing with the sudden influx of MST “spin-offs” and the like. It’s a fairly standard read, and there’s not much information in there that an eight-year-old MSTie snorting Pixy Stix like it was crack couldn’t tell you. There is, however, some (very) brief commentary from Mr. Mike Nelson on all this new competition. It’s good to see him acknowledge it as I, for one, have been dying to know what the Brains are thinking, amidst all these new developments. The extent of his comments are, essentially, that he favors competition and large piles of money, and is apparently a bit apprehensive about Mallon’s MST3K: Animated project. And that’s it. But that’s not all there was.

The article’s author, Mary Beth Ellis, is a regular contributor to the official Rifftrax forums. It seems that there was a bit of – okay, scratch that – a lot of hacking done to her interview with Mr. Nelson. There was actually a lot there, and Mary Beth was kind enough to post the unedited article and the entire interview, on the Rifftrax forums. It’s an excellent interview, so jump on that sucker, good sirs and madams. She has a blog that you should read, and you can read her account of her conversation with Mr. J. Nelson here. In closing, I’ll include this excerpt from the interview:

MARY BETH: [H]ave you seen the new MST3K site?

MIKE: I did. I did see the new one that Jim and my buddy Paul put up.

Maybe it’s nothing, but I can’t be the only one who chuckled at how carefully a certain part of that appears to have been phrased. Oh and, TorgosPizza? Dude, if you’re reading this, if Mike ever wants to get his Doom skills back up, send him over here.

Next Rifftrax: Transformers

The next Rifftrax is Michael Bay’s most recent testosterone festival, Transformers. Accompanying that announcement is the above photoshop job, which is quite possibly the best one I’ve yet seen come out of Camp Rifftrax. Mike makes an unnervingly believable Optimus Prime. The track rolls out on November 20th.

As a life-long Transformers fanatic, I’m more than happy to see them tackle the obnoxious Bay’s work. The movie isn’t nearly as bad as its detractors claim, but it’s still a heavily flawed film that doesn’t hold up through repeat viewings. I can deal with Optimus having a mouth; the drawn-out masturbation dialogue, less so. I just hope they go easy on us Transformers fans.

Mike, Bill, and Kevin The Heroes

Well, I’ve been fighting a cold all weekend, but I’ve got a big ol’ slew of exciting news that I can’t not post, from all corners of the MST3K kingdom. First up, a post that’s been a long time coming about a project you probably didn’t even know existed.

A little while ago, a man named Mike Salva (above, center, with our Film Crew and Stew Goldstein, the short’s assistant producer/director) contacted Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy about doing voice work for an animated series he’d created. Obviously – or else I wouldn’t be posting this here – they said yes. The result is Max The Hero, about a guy named Max (Bill Corbett) who is a bit of a prick and who suddenly becomes endowed with superpowers. Mike Nelson portrays Max’s arch-nemesis/roommate Stew, and Kevin voices Chip, the series’ hopeless nerd and whipping boy. Currently, only a 12-minute short exists, and there’s no word on whether or not it will evolve into something ongoing.

You can see the short here, and it’s also been submitted to various film festivals. Though not your typical film festival fare, the short seems to be getting some positive responses. Even though it isn’t really “my sort of thing” (whatever that pretentious phrase means) I enjoyed the film, especially Mike’s and Bill’s performances. I’d definitely recommend checking it out and spreading the word about it. Mr. Salva has also set up a MySpace profile for the project. Check it out and look for Max The Hero at a film festival near you! (Or, again, just watch it here.)