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Joel did an AMA on Reddit


Joel Hodgson recently did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, largely as promotion for the resurrection of MST3K. Though I would, of course, recommend reading the AMA for yourself, I thought I’d sift through it and highlight some of the most interesting parts.

  • All the new films will be in widescreen. (“better-looking bad movies”)
  • The new cast has already been chosen. In fact, the new host can be seen in the Kickstarter video. It’s unclear whether Crow and Servo’s new voices were in the video. Either way, we’ll meet the new cast soon.
  • The reboot will probably be shot in Los Angeles.
  • Joel broke down how the Kickstarter’s $2 million would be used. He used this handy dandy infographic to illustrate.
  • He wants the new MST3K to last another 30 years.
  • The reboot isn’t about an MST3K reunion, it’s about new episodes.
  • The new Mad will be the “offspring” of Clayton Forrester.

All in all, a fairly informative session focusing more on the new than the old. Though, at one point, a Reddit user asked for an episode recommendation and Joel fired back with season nine’s The Final Sacrifice, which I thought was interesting.


MST3K is coming back! (Like, for real)


Hey, everybody! Remember me? I sure do! I’m back, because Joel Hodgson is planning to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. MST3K.com now redirects to this Kickstarter page, where Joel is asking for a minimum of $2 million to get three new episodes up and running. The more money they receive, the more episodes they’ll produce, up to what seems to be a maximum of 12. Joel will shop the episodes around to TV and streaming platforms and, well, who knows what’ll happen?

As always, the Kickstarter comes with some perks for donators, including the usual stuff, like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and downloads of the new episodes. But, if you’ve got deep pockets, you can have your very own official Crow or Tom Servo for $8,000, or both for $10k. As I’m writing this, they’ve already secured over $500,000 for the project, with the full 31 days still to go. In other words, this is happening.

The only downside to this project, in my opinion, is that Joel is hoping to recast all the roles. New host, new bot voices, new Mads. The original cast is, of course, invited back to write and guest star, but this is looking to be, for all intents and purposes, a reboot. I trust Joel, but it’s hard not to be a tiny bit disappointed.

The Kickstarter has until December 12th to meet its goal.

Possible Cinematic Titanic Delays

Joel’s made another update to the CineTit (hee hee!) blog, and it isn’t entirely pleasant. It seems that the cast of Brainiacs got a little carried away and will be taking a little extra time to tweak the first episode of Cinematic Titanic, ’70s clunker Brain of Blood. This seems to possibly suggest that we may indeed see host segments. Maybe. Presumably, the Titanic store will still go online on Monday, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the actual product. Oh well.

On a lighter note, Joel says that their live performances for the people at LucasFilm and ILM went well. As I implied above, all the Brains are in one basket in California and seem to have finished most of the filming(?). There’s a spiffy, artsy picture from the recording above. I guess that doesn’t look too cluttered.

[Thanks, Mr. Mxyzptlk]

First Cinematic Titanic Film: “Brain of Blood”

Finally, the silence has broken and we have solid information. 1972’s Brain of Blood is the first project for the reassembled Brain strike team known as Cinematic Titanic. Wired.com’s entertainment sector has the exclusive information about Joel & His Superfriends’ initial choice of visual vomit. The article has a couple of generic quotes from Joel, followed by a plethora of satisfying information.

First off, the debut episode will be released next Monday, December 10th. Secondly, the Cinematic Titanic site will have DVDs available for purchase. (Joel had previously implied that the series might be download-only. Which, frankly, would’ve sucked. Hard.) And finally, today’s live performance for the folks at LucasFilm/ILM will also be available on DVD, eventually. All in all, no bad news in sight.

Anyway, check the article out here. I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point of having writers emailing me questions and requests for soundbytes for their articles. I mean, no offense to Nathan Heckels, but what the hell is MSTies Anonymous? It just doesn’t feel right without a Sampo/Satellite News quote, or something. Well, I’m off to go stare at the above image for a few hours – especially the part that features Trace and Frank. Sigh… (I also like how Joel mentions all the MST3K DVDs that “we” release. Either he’s still subtly flinging spitwads at Jim Mallon, or something’s up.)

Meanwhile, enjoy a short plot summary of Brain of Blood after the cut, since you probably hadn’t heard of it either. It sounds painful and it reinforces my belief that, unless this gets reported to be the Second Coming of Mitchell, I’ll probably be skipping this first installment. (I hate ’70s horror.)

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Brain Blog Round-up: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly Brain Blog Round-up. It was only a matter of time before our favorite Midwestern-types discovered the sirenic majesty of the internet and took advantage of it. Over the course of the past year, the Brains have been slowly taking to the blogosphere to share their wit and savvy with the rest of us poor shlubs. Given that we now have regular blog activity from five Brains, it seems appropriate to do a weekly summary of their posts. And that’s this.

For the week of November 26th to December 2nd, there was a huge shift in the Brain Blogosphere. While Mike had previously kept a MySpace blog, he had all but abandoned it. This past week, however, saw him shifting permanently over to the official Rifftrax blog for what is, apparently, a steady stream of posts. In those posts, Mike covered such topics as Michael J. Pollard, perspiring custard, Windham Hill, and his personal hit list. (Yes, that kind of hit.)

Lest we forget about the slightly less prolific Brains, Joel and Mary Jo were also active, this past week. Joel gave us another Cinematic Titanic update, in which he revealed that he put one over on us, as well as provided images of a model-making Trace. Meanwhile, fellow Titanic crew member Mary Jo mourns the loss of the brave trees that died fighting in the Crimean War. Stay tuned for next week’s round-up, featuring none other than our own Kevin “Meat Rack” Murphy.

Joel Hodgson
Greetings All

Mary Jo Pehl

Michael J. Nelson
It’s Hat-errific!
Welcome Myspace Readers
My Love is Like an Old, Old, um, Custard…
More Christmas Gift Ideas! (Don’t Say No Right Away)
Martha, Get the Shot Gun! MY FAVE
Roar, I Guess…
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
Any “Last Requests”?
Don’t Give Me Your Lip

CineTit Update: Trace Builds, Joel Decieves

Joel recently updated the Cinematic Titanic homepage, and it is equal parts enthralling and disheartening. Remember that Thanksgiving sneak peek into the CineTit (okay, maybe I need to come up with a better abbreviation) writing sessions, featuring Joel, Josh, and Frank riffing away at a mystery movie, with Trace and Mary Jo joining in via satellite? Lies. All lies. It seems Joel cracked open a new copy of Photoshop, and couldn’t wait to go ‘shopping, dropping in those images of Trace and Mary Jo to decieve us into thinking he was some sort of less-hairy, less-rotund, less-associated with pretentious computers Steve Wozniak with a home filled to the brim with high-tech, satellite-connected TVs and video conferencing and laserdisc players and the like the such. For shame. I bet he doesn’t even manage a fish shop.

On the plus side, there’s a picture of Trace working on a model of CineTit’s own Satellite of Love, what Joel calls a “Time Tube.” I must say, he looks damn good in what appears to be some sort of turtleneck, laboring away on that phallic piece of rocketry. And he has a shop. A shop. My man-crush is reaching epic proportions. Pay a visit to the site to see the full picture. You know you want to.

Slashdot Wants You To Interview Joel For Them

Sorry, guys. I’ve been on my “death bed” all week with my first killer cold of the season. Still, here’s some news from the Joel camp that I need to mention.

Nerd haven Slashdot has managed to set up an interview with Joel Hodgson, and they want their readers to ask the questions. If you’re interested in trying to get your voice heard above the nerd masses, head over to the post and leave your question in the comments. Registration isn’t required, but I’d recommend it. No word on when the deadline is or when the interview will be posted. Looks like this could be a good one.