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So, Comic-Con happened — and I got to go!

Well, Comic-Con 2009 is officially over, and what a great time it was! There’s something very special about seeing so many geeks in one place, and this year was no exception. The convention hall was filled to the brim with various nerd treasures, from comic books to elaborate figurines, and even Star Trek perfume!

But of course, the real draw for me  (and Deep Ape!) were the various Rifftrax events that were going on over the weekend. Click past the break to read about it!

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Hey. So, Comic-Con is happening…


Heh. Once again, it looks like I’m the slowpoke. I was preparing to type up some sort of Comic-Con post, and the good folks at Satellite News beat me to it, as usual. Instead of rehashing the specifics, I’ll just give you a general rundown of what MST3K-related shenanigans are going down this weekend, and then point you over to the Satellite News post for more details.

Friday, July 24th @ 2:30pm: Mike Salva’s Max The Hero animated short will be shown in room 26AB. The well-received short features the vocal talents of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. (Here’s my original post about the short.)

Friday, July 24th @ 3pm: Immediately following that, Mike, Bill, and Kevin will be in Sails Pavilion AA8 signing autographs. There’s something about there being a “line ticket drawing” at 10:30am, so you may have to do that first. On Saturday, July 25th at 12pm, there will be a second autograph session in Sails Pavilion AA6. Both sessions will last a couple of hours.

Friday, July 24th @ 7:15pm: It’s a Rifftrax Live show! The usual trio of riffers will be mocking an unnamed short in-person, in Ballroom 6D/E. Presumably, there will also be a Q&A session of some kind, as The Internet’s Veronica Belmont is listed as hosting the panel.

Sunday, July 26th @ 10:30am: You can catch the sole official Comic-Con appearance by a Cinematic Titanic crew member by attending this live performance of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd podcast, in room 8. TV’s/DVD’s Frank Conniff will be performing one of the show’s characters, as he’s done before.

And throughout the weekend, Rifftrax/Legend Films will be at booth #3251 in the Exhibit Hall. They’ll be peddling plenty of merchandise, and you may even see Mike, Bill, or Kevin lingering around like the unemployed bums they are. Furthermore, if any of this information is still relevant to you, you’re probably at Comic-Con right now and I’m jealous and I hate you.

(Image taken from Amanda Palmer’s Twitter.)

SDCC: Rifftrax Live: So Funny it’s Unsafe for Small Children and the Elderly

Well folks, last night I had the opportunity to go the 7PM showing of Rifftrax Live’s Plan 9 From Outer Space, and let me tell you, I was in quite a bit of pain from laughing so much!

I’ve never been to a live riffing event so, naturally, I was very excited to see how this was all going to work out. First person I saw walking into the theater was Rifftrax writer Conor Lastowka, wearing the Jar Jar Binks shirt that he promised he would wear, on the Rifftrax Blog. I complimented him on his choice of shirt and he was quite startled by it. Had no one told him how stunning he looked in the shirt that portrayed the most beloved Star Wars character of all time? Such a shame. You deserve better Conor. :-)

The Balboa Theater is absolutely gorgeous. The theater itself didn’t seem to be very large, but it made for a more intimate space (granted, I was sitting in the fifth row… You’ll have to ask the balcony-goers what it was like for them), and there were lots of beautiful artistic details on the edges of the stage. On both sides of the stage, there were these lovely dioramas of a mountain view in the walls, with a waterfall with actual water going down it! However, we were warned by Kevin not to go chasing them. I was tempted to take pictures, but upon entering I could see that the theater management was already freaking out about all the cameras the fans had, and I didn’t want to do anything that might get me kicked out. But believe me, it was a beautiful backdrop for such a fun event. (More after the cut!)

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SDCC: Comic-Con Rocks, But You Knew That Already

Photo courtesy of Queen Shadowrama.

To those who were unable to attend Comic-Con 2008 this year (Hugh included), I have been asked to report the goings-on to your eagerly awaiting computer screens.

By now, you all know that the DVDs for the 20th Anniversary Box Set are Laserblast, Werewolf, Future War, and First Spaceship on Venus, but did you know that Dr. Forrester has a third lightening bolt streak…in his pants? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Kudos to Trace for sharing that deeply intimate detail! Unfortunately, it made Mike and Kevin try to rip out their own eyeballs.

Anyway, the 20th Anniversary panel was a roaring success, and everyone on the panel seemed to be having a great time. No tension at all, just fun. At the beginning, the lights were dimmed and we were treated to our favorite opening theme song, mishmashed so that all the eras were blended into a single song. Joel’s voice flowed into Mike’s and each of the Bots were given a double Robot Roll Call to cover the cast changes for each one. (Click for more, after the cut.)

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SDCC: Final details on Shout Factory DVDs announced

"I zound like I av a crock in my mout."

As expected, the MST3K reunion panel at Comic-Con provided the answers to all our questions about the first Shout Factory box set. Though the details are relatively bare-bones, here they are.

First off, there are the extras that you’ve already heard about: A series retrospective, coupled with some new interviews with the cast, and also a recording of the reunion festivities. What you probably don’t know, however, is that there will also be a Crow T. Robot figurine and “collector’s cards.” Sweet! Now, the most important information: The episodes. The set will include:

  • 0211 First Spaceship on Venus
  • 0706 Laserblast
  • 0904 Werewolf
  • 1004 Future War

So, two solid episodes and two middle-of-the-road episodes. Sounds good to me. (And Werewolf! Natalie! SQUEE!) There should be more info on the way, as well as pictures. Queen Shadowrama was on-hand, so hopefully she’ll be able to share some of her fangirl wonderment.

SDCC: Kevin The Slutt

Beware of sexually transmitted midi-chlorians, Kevin.

[via the Riffblog]