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Where derivative hacks dare: Another Clonus rip-off?


What is the deal with these Clonus rip-offs? It looks like yet another film is in the works that borrows liberally from Robert S. Fiveson’s b-grade classic, Parts: The Clonus Horror. The movie, which now has Keira Knightley attached, will be based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s 2005 novel, Never Let Me Go. The book tells the story of a dystopian society in which people are cloned for the sole purpose of being organ donors, but are kept in the dark about the nature of their existence. Sound familiar?

In fact, this is more like a case of double deja vu. Also in 2005, Michael Bay directed The Island for Dreamworks, a Ewan McGregor-Scarlett Johansson action flick about — guess what! — clones raised for the sole purpose of organ donation. In that case, Fiveson & Co. raised a stink about what amounted to outright plagiarism and filed a lawsuit, which was ultimately settled out-of-court.

Despite the basic similarities, there may actually be more to Ishiguro’s particular variation than Bay’s movie, according to the descriptions that I’ve read, with a lot less action and a bit more intrigue. Still, the similarities are extremely noticeable. We’ll have to see how itchy Fiveson’s trigger finger is, this time around.


Josh Way has DVDs out, and you should buy them

Hardcore MSTie and Rifftrax contributor Josh Way is continuing his transition into the world of professional riffing, with the release of three actual, proper, real, professional-looking, feature-length DVDs. Last week, Josh released Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, Phantom From Space, and his take on Corman’s The Wasp Woman, part of his “Fun With Flicks” series. They’re $12.99 each and on Amazon.

Josh is a really good guy and he’s pretty darn funny, so I definitely recommend checking out his stuff and supporting him. You can sample his wares on his YouTube account. (And if you want to purchase his DVDs, I’d love you like a ho’ if you’d buy them via this link, or the above ones. Thank ye.)

R.I.P. Beverly Garland

This is a little late, but I need to post about it. Last week, actress Beverly Garland passed away at the age of 81. Beverly was beloved amongst the cast of MST3K for her ballsy characters in such films as Gunslinger and It Conquered The World. She also proved to be a good sport, appearing at the first official MST3K convention. She seemed like a real treasure, and it’s an absolute shame to see her go.

Shout Factory’s “MST3K XIV” extras unveiled

Satellite News recently caught wind of the list of extras, from Shout Factory’s forthcoming Mystery Science Theater set. There appear to be three extras and, while none of them are as exciting as volume thirteen’s, they’re pretty substantial and sound quite fun. Here’s the list:

  • A new interview With “Soultaker” star and MST3K favorite Joe Estevez.
  • Mike, Tom and Crow’s appearance on ESPN Classic’s “Cheap Seats Without Ron Parker.”
  • A new interview with “Final Justice” writer/director Greydon Clark.

Joe Estevez? That alone is worth the price of admission. But the infamous Greydon Clark, as well? Sold. I’m also, admittedly, not that familiar with the Cheap Seats appearance, but it’s a fairly well-known appearance among MSTies, so that’s likely a good thing, too. Should be an entertaining set. Now, if Shout Factory can score an interview with Joe Don Baker, then they will have truly bested Rhino.

Satellite News also mentions that there is apparently a false list of extras being circulated around the interwebs. The above list comes straight from the mouth of Shout Factory, so trust no one else.

Shout Factory announces “MST3K XIV” set

Hot on the heels of the sexy 13th MST3K DVD set, the first released by Shout Factory, a 14th DVD set has already been announced by the new DVD rights-holders. You can see the basic but tasteful cover art above, but one can safely assume that the discs’ individual cases will look a little more unique and interesting, as was the case with volume 13. If the image isn’t clue enough, the included episodes are:

#0103 Mad Monster
#0413 Manhunt in Space
#1001 Soultaker
#1008 Final Justice

So, now all of you Joe Don Baker fans can own his complete MST3K collection on proper DVDs. Not a stellar selection of episodes, in my opinion. Still, it’s one step closer to getting the full series on DVD. The set is scheduled to fall to earth on February 3rd, 2009, provided that Barack Obama’s inauguration doesn’t cause the universe to implode, as many suggest.

Pardon the large image, but what can you do?

Cinematic Titanic releases new “Santa Claus” trailer

Josh just sent out this hilarious trailer for the November 20th release of Cinematic Titanic’s take on the old MST3K classic, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Judging from the riffs included in the trailer, this episode is looking like a good one. (Especially the last line. Ell-oh-ell, indeed.) I can’t wait to see their take on it.

Deep Reviewing: Cinematic Titanic’s “The Wasp Woman”

In September, when DVD Talk reviewer King Stuart Elderberry Galbraith IV gave Cinematic Titanic’s The Wasp Woman a surprisingly vicious, scathing review, most of us reacted with appropriate rage. However, after spending some time with the crew’s take on Roger Corman’s 1959 snoozer, I have to admit that I’m not nearly as offended by Galbraith’s bile and ire as I used to be.

While I certainly don’t wish death and destruction upon the Brains and all their works now (as some seem to), Wasp Woman was definitely not the ideal DVD to show to someone who clearly has a bias against MST3K and its descendants. How bad is it? Well, it’s not “half-a-star” bad, I can tell you that much in the pre-review blurb. For the saucy, tantalizing specifics, hit the jump and read. You know you want to.

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