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New Jim Mallon interview, now with semi-candidness

"I'm taking those rights back, Rhino."

Satellite News has an interesting new interview with (arguably) the chief Brain, former MST3K producer and current rights-holder Jim Mallon. They describe it as being “no-topic-off-limits,” and I appreciate the gesture, but it’s not quite as hard-hitting as I would’ve liked. Nonetheless, it’s a much better interview than what we’re used to.

While there’s nothing too controversial, there are a few noteworthy responses. Jim possesses the missing KTMA episodes, for one. (He seems willing to release the host segments.) And Jim doesn’t contradict any of Joel’s recent claims about the past, which is nice. He does, however, carefully maneuver around the question about Josh’s departure, and he says that the animated shorts were discontinued due to cost, ignoring the fact that 80% of the fans despised them.

Good read, though. Check it out.


Starship Bill

Pardon the graininess of the above image, but I love the picture so much, I just had to use it despite its small resolution. It’s from this interview (scroll down) at Minnesota Monthly, which is entirely about Meet Dave (formerly “Starship Dave”), the upcoming sci-fi family comedy that Bill wrote a while back.

If you need even more Bill, he also appeared on a radio show with the guys from Satellite News, a couple of weeks ago. The show is hosted by Rifftrax community member Mary Beth Ellis and you can download or stream it on this page (it’s the May 20th show). Also, this.

Cinematic Titanic at the Dallas Film Festival, Post-Mortem

Stella Artois, Josh? Really?

Last weekend, the Cinematic Titanic crew performed a live show at the Dallas Film Festival, also signing autographs and answering questions and doing the usual fanboy placation. Kevin Murphy was supposed to join them for the MST3K 20th Anniversary panel, but he was sick and had to cancel. Thankfully, a handful of reports and interviews have cropped up, so here’s what I’ve been able to find.

First of all, let’s get some warm-up time with the CT crew, with this excellent pre-Film Fest interview at Kulturblog, featuring a misplaced Kevin. A lot of good lines in this one, with Kevin, Trace, and Josh really cracking me up. On a slightly more-related note, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram also did a short interview with Joel.

Now, for some actual reports. Pegasus News has a real nice recap of the festivities, including a few choice answers from the Q&A and from the riffing. Oh, by the way, they riffed Roger Corman’s The Wasp Woman, so expect to see that as a future release. Comic book artist Benjamin Hall also blogged about the event, and took the picture you see at the top of this post. Satellite News has another fan’s account. And finally, Mary Jo offers her own take on their outing.

So, all in all, sounds like another typically amazing public appearance for the former cast of MST3K. Whether Rifftrax or Cinematic Titanic, it seems that it’s hard not to have a great time at a live show. Lastly, the quote of the evening belongs to Trace, in my opinion:

TV is dead. The internet is the future. Join us.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Joel Takes Another Stab At Q&A Session, As Does Kevin

Joel’s recent interview with the users of Slashdot was a bit of a bust. The questions were a little weak, his answers were a little canned, he dodged the Rifftrax question, and it just felt like a bad promotional interview. Joel, however, is not one to allow mediocrity to… be mediocre. Or something. With the help of “RAD,” Mary Jo Pehl’s husband, Joel recently fielded questions from fans on the MST3K forums and the Cinematic Titanic forums, resulting in two 20-question interviews: here and here.

Kevin Murphy also decided to offer up his own 20 25 questions in this blog post. (The actual Q&A occurs in the comments.) Not much of note there, but he does seem to offer some discouraging words about The Film Crew. Also, I don’t think he’s parodying Joel’s interviews, but referencing the usual “20 questions” sessions they have on the Rifftrax forums.

Studio Kaiju Interviews Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl

Well, this isn’t exactly news, since it happened last December, but it’s new to me and probably new to you. Studio Kaiju is an intriguing little website starring Mr. Colin Reboy, a now-13-year-old young man who has been interviewing cult-variety celebrities since 2003. Well, while I was perusing his recent interview with James Urbaniak on YouTube, I happened to notice that he had also interviewed Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl. Kevin’s interview actually includes video and is broken up into five parts, while Mary Jo’s is audio-only. I’ve embedded the bulk of them after the cut.

Kevin’s interview (part one is above, by the way) just reinforces my love for the man. He just seems like a really amazing, friendly guy, and I also finished his book recently, so I’m in a Kevin-lovin’ mood, these days. (Sorry, am I getting fanboy juice on you?) And who doesn’t love Mary Jo? (Hey, I said “Mary Jo,” not “Pearl”.) Sadly, her interview is much shorter and the audio quality is a little lacking. Still, she’s charming as ever.

I recommend checking out the rest of Studio Kaiju’s interviews. They’re fairly awkward, but I think that adds to the charm, plus there’s quite a few notable names among his interviewees, like “the guest list of the greatest Dragon*Con ever,” as Urbaniak puts it. I figure, even though Mr. Reboy is in those awkward teen years, he also happens to be doing something awesome that, frankly, I’m quite envious of. I’d say he’s got a pretty sweet deal going. Again, more after the cut.

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BadMovies.org Interviews Rick Sloane

BadMovies.org, fittingly enough, recently posted an interview with Hobgoblins director Rick Sloane. It’s pretty wordy and somewhat long, so don’t go into it expecting it to be all giggles and mockery. There’s nothing too revelatory, but there’s some talk about his upcoming Hobgoblins sequel. He even threatens us with the possibility of a second sequel, having apparently already completed the script for it.

You know, I’m going to have to bore you with a rant about Rick Sloane and the MST3K phenomenon that is Hobgoblins, sometime. In short, Rick Sloane and his creation are a non-entity to me. The film is not a good movie. It’s not a bad movie. It’s not a good bad movie. It fails, in every conceivable way. It doesn’t even make for a good MST3K episode, as far as I’m concerned. I watched the episode and I felt like I’d been in a coma for an hour and thirty-seven minutes.

Anyway, the interview is worth a read. It’s always good to get to know your prey, MSTies. Even if that prey is a self-important incompetant.

Joel’s Slashdot Interview Finally Goes Live

In November, Slashdot took questions from readers for a Joel Hodgson interview. Now, two months later, it’s finally been posted. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why it took so long, but who am I to judge lateness?

Frankly, the interview’s a bit of a let-down. There are a few notable answers, but most of it’s a little mundane. He also failed to answer the question that asked his opinion of Mike, Kevin, and Bill’s ventures, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth, at least. And Joel always sounds so formal in interviews… What’s up with that, dude? Sorry, guys, he just rubs me the wrong way, these days. Am I crazy?