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Deep Ape review: Legacy of Blood

Every once in a while, a movie like Manos or The Incredibly Strange Creatures comes along, and it’s just so repulsive and completely unappealing that it leaves a thick, black layer of sin and shame on your soul that can take days, maybe even years, to shake off. Yet, even amidst all that sheer celluloid evil, you’ll still often find a Torgo or a Madison to brighten your spirits and remind you that every dark raincloud filled with urine has a silver lining.

Still, what happens when there isn’t a silver lining? When no matter how deeply and desperately you claw and scrape at the filth and grime, you just can’t find any redemptive quality, any soul worth saving? What happens when there is no sweet, smiling Torgo in that dark, dark sky? Well, you get Legacy of Blood. Click ahead to read my long-delayed (sorry!) review of Cinematic Titanic’s fourth DVD release.

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MST3K Volume 15 now up for pre-order


Shout Factory’s next DVD set is up for pre-order on Amazon. It’s out on July 7th.

Yep. I really don’t have anything else to say about that. Other than, please do me a favor and use the above link, if you’re interested in using Amazon. It will give me a dollar, with which I will go buy an ice cream cone and be happy.

25th Anniversary DVD set picks up Saturn nomination


Every year, The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films hosts the Saturn Awards, honoring the year’s best in movies, TV, and home video releases. For this year’s 35th edition, Shout Factory’s first Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD set has made their list of nominees, specifically in the category of Best DVD Collection.

While the set certainly had some high-quality episodes, as well as some nice extras, it faces some stiff competition from the likes of Planet of the Apes, The Godfather (WHA?!), and Dirty Harry (THE HELL?!). Not sure what definition of “science fiction, fantasy, and horror” they’re using there, but I wish Shout Factory the best of luck.

The 35th annual Saturn Awards will be held on June 24th in Burbank, CA.

Josh Way has DVDs out, and you should buy them

Hardcore MSTie and Rifftrax contributor Josh Way is continuing his transition into the world of professional riffing, with the release of three actual, proper, real, professional-looking, feature-length DVDs. Last week, Josh released Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, Phantom From Space, and his take on Corman’s The Wasp Woman, part of his “Fun With Flicks” series. They’re $12.99 each and on Amazon.

Josh is a really good guy and he’s pretty darn funny, so I definitely recommend checking out his stuff and supporting him. You can sample his wares on his YouTube account. (And if you want to purchase his DVDs, I’d love you like a ho’ if you’d buy them via this link, or the above ones. Thank ye.)

New Cinematic Titanic: “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks”

A new Cinematic Titanic episode has been confirmed for January. The tastefully titled Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks will be released on DVD and digital download-to-burn on the 8th of the month. You can see the just-released trailer above.

A quick note and apology: I’ve been having some health concerns over the holidays, so posting will probably continue to be lackluster for a while. When things pick up again, I’ll have a couple of Cinematic Titanic reviews going up, and hopefully some Rifftrax, too. My apologies to anyone who cares about this.

The MSTie’s 2008 Holiday Shopping Guide

Hi, guys! Remember me? There hasn’t been a whole lot to report of late, but I wanted to stop in and recap all the MST3K-related merchandise available for the MSTie on your holiday shopping list. Of course, as usual with me, it’s coming a little late, what with 9 days until Christmas. Still, if you’re in need of some last-minute shopping, give this humble guide a look, after the cut.

And yeah, if you wouldn’t mind clicking on my links for your Amazon shopping, I’d appreciate it. I only blatantly whore myself out once or twice a year, so bear with me. It will help put food in the mouths of all those children I don’t have. That said, I still encourage you to shop around and not take “too expensive” for an answer.

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Shout Factory’s “MST3K XIV” extras unveiled

Satellite News recently caught wind of the list of extras, from Shout Factory’s forthcoming Mystery Science Theater set. There appear to be three extras and, while none of them are as exciting as volume thirteen’s, they’re pretty substantial and sound quite fun. Here’s the list:

  • A new interview With “Soultaker” star and MST3K favorite Joe Estevez.
  • Mike, Tom and Crow’s appearance on ESPN Classic’s “Cheap Seats Without Ron Parker.”
  • A new interview with “Final Justice” writer/director Greydon Clark.

Joe Estevez? That alone is worth the price of admission. But the infamous Greydon Clark, as well? Sold. I’m also, admittedly, not that familiar with the Cheap Seats appearance, but it’s a fairly well-known appearance among MSTies, so that’s likely a good thing, too. Should be an entertaining set. Now, if Shout Factory can score an interview with Joe Don Baker, then they will have truly bested Rhino.

Satellite News also mentions that there is apparently a false list of extras being circulated around the interwebs. The above list comes straight from the mouth of Shout Factory, so trust no one else.