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Weekend Backloggery: Here’s some stuff I missed

Hello. Happy Sunday to you, reader-person. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, regular updates and the like. Consistancy and normalcy are not my strong points, obviously. But even when I’m not posting anything, I’m still keeping track of MST3K news and articles. So, I figure I may as well clear out the backlog on the weekends. And so…

One thing I’ve been trying to get out the door is my review of Cinematic Titanic’s Wasp Woman episode. I have Legacy of Blood sitting on my shelf staring at me as well, so hopefully you’ll see a couple of semi-back-to-back reviews in the near future. Other reviewers are more on top of their game, however, so here are some Legacy of Blood reviews to check out:

  • ComiXtreme liked it… well, the riffing, at least.
  • DVD Corner really liked it.
  • DVD Talk recovers from a terrible (and terribly written) review of Wasp Woman, with Brian Orndorf returning to praise Legacy of Blood.
  • Cinema Suicide… well, need I repeat myself?

Some reviews of the Shout Factory MST set are trickling in:

  • DVDizzy likes the set, but wishes the original movies were included. Really? Other than that silly complaint, it’s a good, detailed review.
  • Tucson Weekly reviews both the MST3K set and Legacy of Blood.

There have also been a handful of recent interviews, mostly involving the Cinematic Titanic cast. It seems like CT’s hype machine is peaking, much like Rifftrax’s did last year. In addition to Trace’s podcast appearance, there were also these:

  • Nifty magazine Geek Monthly has an interview with Frank and Joel. It’s only available in papery form, but MSTie wonderwoman Robyn scanned the article. You can see it here. I haven’t read it yet, but the photos are brilliant.
  • Trace and Joel were on TV. (Scroll through until you see their clip.)
  • Newsarama also interviewed Trace and Joel.

And finally, I’ll point you towards Satellite News, where one of their readers reports on his experience at a recent Cinematic Titanic live show. Now, I’m off to go attempt to ward off this premature case of the Mondays that I seem to have…


One Response

  1. LOL, for anyone that doesn’t particularly want to read through the rantings of insane fangirls to see the Geek Monthly scans, you can also see them on the Forrestcrow forum. You just need to scroll down. :-P


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