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The RiffTones enter the final round of Song Fu!

You might recall that Bill, Mike, and Kevin are participating in the “Masters of Song Fu” challenge, at Quick Stop Entertainment. In the contest, a number of challengers and “masters” are charged with writing and recording a song about a specific subject each week. The “RiffTones” have managed to survive the voting process, beating out the other masters, and now they’re up against the last remaining challenger.

This week’s challenge was to write a ’70s pop song for the soundtrack of a 1970s Lucas/Spielberg film. The RiffTones chose Jaws, while their challenger, the talented Mr. Jason Morris, chose Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Both songs are good but, really, it’s quite unfair to pit Jason against three gods of geekdom. Still, you can vote here, and while you’re at it, you can download The Rifftones’ previous songs, too.

And as Bill notes on the Rifftrax blog, some of the Song Fu voters have found something to complain about. Namely, a few of them are upset that Mike, Bill, and Kevin didn’t take the song seriously, and it just doesn’t sound like it could really be “The Love Theme From Jaws.” Imagine that. The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000, not being totally serious. Shocking. Comic Book Guy would be proud, folks.


3 Responses

  1. I’m not at all surprised of the behavior of the users of the Quick Stop site, because it is run by a highly respected serious documentary filmmaker who is in no way known for making fun of anything ever.

  2. Umm… *I* run the Quick Stop site, and I in no way endorse the vocal minority of readers of the site who have chosen to take things a little too seriously. I created Song Fu to allow songwriters to get their material in front of people, and for everyone involved to just have some fun with it.

    -Ken Plume, Editor-in-Chief, QSE

  3. Apologies Ken, I was of course referring to Kevin Smith. For “run by” read “owned by.”

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