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MST3K.com bets you’ll pay extra for DVD sets with “Gypsy”‘s autograph inside

It what seems like an odd decision, MST3K.com has opted to try digging their money hooks into the collector’s market, offering special special editions of Shout Factory’s upcoming DVD set. These special special sets will come with, uh, an object that has been signed by Jim Mallon and “Gypsy.”

Now, Jim’s autograph probably isn’t as desirable as, say, Joel’s or Mike’s… or Bill’s, or Trace’s, or Frank’s, or… well, you get the idea. But hey, it’s still a nice thing to have, right? Here’s the catch: They expect you to pay $15-25 dollars more for this “Gypsy edition.” Yep, you’ll have to fork over $65 here. Is anyone going to bite at this?

Of course, for my money, you’d totally be better off buying it right here, where $48.99 sure feels a whole lot less offensive to one’s bank account. Or, you know, other places that are charging much less.


One Response

  1. I’m reminded of 1980s scifi cons, before they became somewhat “geek-chic,” when the celebrity guests would be “nameless redshirt from Star Trek episode 17” and “third stormtrooper from the right in scene X of Empire Strikes Back” and so on, happily charging $20 a pop at the autograph table.

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