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“Whatever, Martha!” is predictably terrible

Also, the sky is still blue.

A while back, the MSTiverse was abuzz about the MST-inspired series concocted by Martha Stewart, in which her daughter and one of her underlings’ daughter poked fun at old footage of her TV series. Sounds like comedy gold, right? Right? No? Okay.

Anyway, I just read Satellite News’ uncharacteristically biting review of the series, so I decided to look for footage of the recently-debuted show. I came across the above video, which doesn’t even manage to inspire a smile, until perhaps the last line of the clip. Am I surprised? No, not really. If anything, I’m just a little ashamed that MST3K has to be even marginally associated with this.

This is not MST3K. This is Lifestyles of the Shrill and Catty.


5 Responses

  1. Totally agree. This should be taken off the air immediately. Rude, crude and not funny in any way. Alexis is totally devoid of any personality and comes off sounding like a spoiled brat (probably close to true) and her chubby friend is equally mouthed in bad taste. Both need to get a job in the real world if they have any talents at all.

  2. This is such a bad show that I am offended that it is even on the air. Alexis is unfunny, mean and trite and her friend is just terrible… Martha what the *()&* where you thinking?
    Fine Living… Oh my! I have lost all respect for you… this is the most awful thing ever on TV…. Leave humor to people who can do it…. Alexis… you are not good at this…is awful!

  3. I’m suddenly grateful that my job’s network blocks embedded videos.

  4. my reaction to this show was -and is-crap. I hate this mess.

  5. This show is AWFUL! The idea that this spoiled ingrate of a daughter should actually be collecting a paycheck (from MSLO, yet!) for mocking and denigrating her mother is tasteless beyond belief. At first, I thought the show would be Alexis watching a MS clip, then perhaps offering a hipper, younger, perhaps updated version of a similar type. Shame on me! What you get are two obnoxious young women with entitlement issues kicking back on a sofa and making snarky, vulgar comments. These two have absolutely nothing constructive to offer, beyond making one pity Martha for having given birth to such a Judas. Offensive is too mild a word.

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