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New Jim Mallon interview, now with semi-candidness

"I'm taking those rights back, Rhino."

Satellite News has an interesting new interview with (arguably) the chief Brain, former MST3K producer and current rights-holder Jim Mallon. They describe it as being “no-topic-off-limits,” and I appreciate the gesture, but it’s not quite as hard-hitting as I would’ve liked. Nonetheless, it’s a much better interview than what we’re used to.

While there’s nothing too controversial, there are a few noteworthy responses. Jim possesses the missing KTMA episodes, for one. (He seems willing to release the host segments.) And Jim doesn’t contradict any of Joel’s recent claims about the past, which is nice. He does, however, carefully maneuver around the question about Josh’s departure, and he says that the animated shorts were discontinued due to cost, ignoring the fact that 80% of the fans despised them.

Good read, though. Check it out.


4 Responses

  1. Re-reading the interview again, I think Jim really dodged the Joel leaving question big time, and to some extent, he did sorta contradict Joel’s take on it. Joel said he left the show to save it, while Jim said in the interview that Joel left to protect his own “creative ecology”, which sounds more like the answer Joel was giving when he actually left the show and not what he’s saying now. So it sounds to me like Jim is still going with the old answer rather than address the revised edition.

  2. I don’t know… I kind of see them as the same thing. Protecting who Joel was creatively and saving the show were, in my mind, one and the same. But I suppose Jim still spun it in a different light.

  3. I guess we’ll really never know the complete truth about Joel’s departure. It’s not really that serious anyway, and I’m certainly not gonna hate on Jim because he used some spin. When people talk about themselves, they always paint themselves in the better light…I’m sure the other cast members are guilty of the same thing. I guess it’s just because for so long Jim has been painted as the dastardly businessman type that it seems more obvious when he does it. :-P

    Anyway, I’m glad he did the interview. If nothing else, it’ll probably make his visit to Comic-Con more peaceful.

  4. Oh, this was most definitely timed as damage control before the CC panel. I hope someone grills him good on the anniversary show snafu when Oswalt opens it up to the floor. It’d be even sweeter if Joel put him on the spot about it, ie: “Hey Jim, whattaya say? How about we give these great fans in the audience a reunion special?” heh heh >:)

    Also, his response in the Q&A about his differences with Joel on the anniversary was such a lame copout. “Who would play Crow now? Who would be Tom?” Ignoring the fact that most fans wouldn’t care and that Trace, Josh, Kevin and Bill would surely be magnanimous enough fellows when the decision was handed down. Heck they could take turns if they wanted for all we care. It’s also very hypocrtical because Jim didn’t seem to think twice to cast Paul Chaplin and an almost totally unknown comedian as Crow and Servo for the flash toons. Jim: “Who would own the copyright?” Ahhhhhh. There we go. Mallon gives it away right here. I’d say THAT was Mr. Businessman’s main hang up on the phone when Joel called.

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