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Cinematic Titanic piracy resurfaces

Alternatively, \"It takes a douchebag.\"

Resurfaces? Well, okay, it never really went away. Today, however, I received another comment on this blog by someone impersonating Joel Hodgson, claiming once again that it’s okay to torrent Cinematic Titanic episodes. This is, of course, NOT TRUE. The really good part came in the middle of the comment:

What with gas prices soaring, food prices making you sick to your stomach, and job losses at an all time high, we thought it was only right to release ALL future releases of Cinematic Titanic FREE-OF-CHARGE.

“And then we will give you all free Ferraris and supermodels, before riding off to Bad Movie Heaven on our unicorns made of dreams!” Joel is a kind, smart man, but I’m pretty sure he has not yet acquired the ability to print money with his mind. Future releases of Cinematic Titanic depend on your buying them. We fund the project when we buy CT episodes. So keep buying. Stop torrenting.

His extremely long comment closes saying that, in order to support Cinematic Titanic, we should buy from the MST3K.com store. Now, there’s some crazy moonlogic for you. Is it possible that there are so-called MSTies who don’t support, even hate, Cinematic Titanic? Maddening, if unsurprising.

Sadly, this guy (who may well be the same person as the Jim Mallon impersonator) was smart and used Anonymouse to cover his tracks. Otherwise, I’d love to rat out his information and have Joel put his filthy, thieving ass in jail. But Joel’s probably too nice for that. I’m not, though. Let me at ’em.


6 Responses

  1. The Jim Mallon impersonator link points back to this page. Is there some other story it’s supposed to reference?

  2. Anyone who is any sort of a fan of MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, and/or Rifftrax should be fully aware that CT and Rifftrax are ventures funded, produced, and distributed directly and indepentdently by the people we claim to be such fans of.

    Even those of us who might feel justified in swiping some blockbuster made by a big faceless megacorp somewhere who will never miss your particular $20 must realize that for these folks, every sale lost really IS money taken directly from their pockets.

  3. @kgagne
    Not sure how I managed to put that link in there. Fixed.

    I’m kind of wishy-washy about piracy in general, but when it’s a niche product put out by people you love who are funding it out of their own pockets, if you’re really a fan of them, you need to do everything you can to honor and help their efforts. When Radiohead released In Rainbows for free online, I made sure to pay them for it. (Of course, Radiohead has deeper pockets than the Brains, but it was still a bold, fan-friendly move on their part.)

  4. You have to give it to them, it’s a troll that only long-time msties would truly appreciate.

  5. these guys are not who we pirate from, like the previous posters pointed out, these are real independent artists and they deserve our money for what they do.

    BUT look at it this way…

    i know for sure that these guys all look the other way when it comes to mst3k, you can see episodes streamed 24hours a day in various places, on youtube and now on netflix. mst3k was a masterpiece and they basically give it away, for that reason alone you should never pirate CM or rifftrax.

  6. If anyone even thinks for ONE SECOND that Joel would say something like that WITHOUT giving out the name of an authorized download webpage, they need a checkup from the neck up. And sorry guys… torrent websites don’t count! Period!

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