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Reminder: Doomsday Machine is available

A couple of days ago, Cinematic Titanic’s second episode finally saw the light of day, in both DVD and download forms. How is it? Any good? It’s not high enough on the financial priority list for me at the moment, so I’ll have to rely on hearsay, for now.

If you head to the CT website right now, you can grab it from the new Store page. (Am I the only one who thinks the Store link’s placing on the site is a little… er, awkward?) The DVD (properly packaged like an actual DVD, finally) will run you $14.99, while a download is $9.99. The servers crashed during the initial sales rush, so downloads may be slow, if they’re working at all.

It also looks like they’re selling Oozing Skull in DVD cases, so if you’ve been holding off on getting that one, you might want to… not… hold off… anymore. Or buy it again. Joel would probably appreciate that.


5 Responses

  1. Excellent! Next payday, I’m picking up both. With CASES, as Yahweh intended it to be.

  2. Not as awkward as “email club” and “forums.”

  3. Well, “forums” specifically.

  4. Saw the server problems on the first couple of days, so i waited it out & downloaded and watched it last night.

    One bummer is that on the first day of downloads they had a PAYPAL option and when i went back last night I was forced to use a credit card which i HATE(!!!!) to do online. I almost aborted the purchase!! Make it Paypal-able guys! You will sell even MORE!
    The downloads are working a-ok now, it took me about 45 minutes for the 3.5 gig download.

    The Opening: Brief introduction to the riffers who discuss the movie for about a minute or so. With an odd comment about “we notice you don’t have the robots with you anymore” and Trace says “No we don’t do that anymore, it’s just us”
    Is this an indication that there will never be an MST3K return, or just a way to introduce viewers to the relationship between the CT and MST3K brands?

    The Movie: “Doomsday” is a perfect choice for riffing, plenty of bad sets, bad acting, unlikely science and outer space drama.

    Overall it’s pretty good, but I enjoyed “Oozing Skull” a little more. There are some great riffs, however this one drags near the end.

    Also it kinda felt like the CT crew is still experimenting with “riff allocation” between 5 people … sometimes it seemed to follow a repeating pattern of joel, mary, trace, josh, frank, joel, mary, trace … and there were a few group riffs.

    I’m still not sold on stopping the film for sight gags … some are just NOT funny enough to compensate for the unannounced break in the movie, & a predictable gag doesn’t add anything for me.

    These seem intended to functon in a similar way as the host segments in MST3K, but they are nowhere NEAR as funny.

    Rating: 3.9 Stars (out of five)
    Definitely worth the download price of 9.99
    … and it’s good to support the CT Crew because it looks like these will be getting better as they get comfortable in their new format.

  5. Yes! An MST3K blog! I looove it! I’m linking you guys to my blog (www.backin82.com).


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