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Next on the remake list: “Manos”… yes, “Manos”

I have a question for you: Did you actually, literally shudder when you read the post’s title? I did, when I read the news. Deep, deep down in my very soul, I shuddered. However, there is one small comfort to all this: Hollywood isn’t behind it. No, they haven’t fallen that far, yet. This is an indie production.

The infamous Manos: The Hands of Fate, arguably- No, screw that. It IS the worst movie of all time. Anyway, it’s being remade by Staticosche Productions. Their teaser trailers — which, while revealing nothing, can be found here — peg it for a winter 2008 release, but I wouldn’t bet on it, myself. And much like the Plan 9 remake, they’re aiming for a serious, scary take on the original story.

There’s no mention of Torgo in the brief synopsis on their MySpace page, but if he’s not in the film, shit will get busted up. Mark my words: Riots in the streets. And there’s still no word on when Hollywood will bottom-out and release their big-budget remake. As you can see above, Brad Pitt would make one sexy perverted mangoat. Which is, incidentally, just the way Angelina likes ’em.


9 Responses

  1. I can only pray that it starts out with 20 minutes of people driving.

  2. That is hilarious. Though I just watched the guy’s Manos opening titles test via his MySpace page and it definitely says Starring Joseph Schnaidt as Torgo.

    You can’t make Manos without Torgo for crying out loud!

  3. Ooh, Queen, good catch. I honestly didn’t pay much attention to the trailers, just skimmed them for actual footage. I hope Joseph Schnaidt realizes the amount of intense scrutiny he’ll be under!

  4. yep. i think its about time to put the ol’ haunting torgo theme back AS MY RINGTONE.

  5. I’m still holding out for “Torgo: The Animated Series.”

  6. ANIMATED SERIES!? Oh how wonderful that would be, even if the master would not approve. I loved when Torgo was a pizza delivery guy. Torgo doing anything = funny.

  7. I checked out their MySpace, and it turns out that they’re based in a city about 10 minutes from my town. I wonder if they’ll need extras…

  8. Hoo boy, and to think how some people cringed when Hobgoblins 2 was announced.

    Man, that “Torgo” picture of Pitt is too funny, lol.

  9. Kyrie, go for it! :)

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