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Is Weezer’s new album a musical MST3K episode?

Since 2000, I’ve been a tremendous fan of the rock band Weezer. In fact, they’ve probably been one of the most influential artists in my life. And now it looks like, once again, two of my greatest loves — MST3K and Weezer — have crossed paths… unfortunately. Weezer’s new album, a self-titled LP nicknamed “The Red Album,” is apparently so bad, it’s MST3K-worthy.

The reviews have been below-average to downright scathing. Now, a review from Beacon News has likened it to watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 — so bad, it’s almost kinda good. Has lead singer Rivers Cuomo become the Ed Wood of music; 100% enthusiasm and sincerity, but 110% suck? The band’s last two albums were mostly shmaltz, silliness, and lyrics at a junior high reading level. I mean, I still love the band, but yeah… they’ve gotten pretty bad.

This actually isn’t the first time MST3K and Weezer have crossed paths. The CD booklet of their 2001 self-titled release, aka “The Green Album,” contained an image of the band on-stage, in-concert — with the infamous silhouette of Mike and the robots hidden in the lower right-hand corner, pointing at them in mockery.


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  1. y0, its adam again. i am a huge weezer fan as well, iven had a mjor site a while ago, around the time maladroit came out. Ok, so lets be honest, basically blue and pink are untouchabel right? ok good, green was meh at first, now it appears ok because maladroit and make believe FUCKING BLOW. Now, ive been listening to the red album for a few weeks now, it was REALLY weird at first, but there are some GREAT songs, even 1 or 2 that are pinkerton worthy, and that right there is worth the cost of the CD. Um, make sure you get the deluxe edition though. Also, are you familiar with the songs from the black hole project? it basically turned into pinkerton, BUT, rivers was always alaone, and he watched red dwarf and MST3K constantly… the black hole thing was a space opera, and obviously he rlated to mike/joel and the bots… anyway.. htere ya go… if i were you, id check the new album out. or just be like me and download the hell out of it HAHAHA


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