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MST3K.com is fully operational

MST3K.com finally reopened today. (An unstoppable video autoplays, so beware.) Though the site is certainly different, the overall feel is essentially the same as the previous incarnation. It still says, “We’re feverishly clinging to the glory days, in hopes that you’ll buy some merchandise.” There’s very little content, beyond rehashing old MST content. It’s really kind of depressing. At least the design is somewhat fresh. Until you get to the cliche font/button combo on the nav bar.

I’m sorry for being so critical, but it really just seems like a waste of a good opportunity. If Jim really tried, he could put together an interesting, engaging site that gives people a reason to keep coming back. If he turned it into a social networking-type site, with profiles and embeddable MST videos and mp3s, perhaps even borrowing a page from Rifftrax’s do-it-yourself book, he would do far better than anything else he’s done on the web recently. Or ever. And it’s entirely possible.

As it is, though, the ball has been dropped once again. Meh, says I.


6 Responses

  1. MST3K is not about the brand name. It’s about the people. And they have all moved on.

  2. Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Mallon’s making it all about video clips that we’ve seen a million times over and, in all likelihood, which we already own on DVD. And merchandise. Mustn’t forget merchandise.

    If he went for a social networking-style site, it would help bring the fans together, give them an official place to congregate and be geeky together. It’s not something I’d personally use, but I think it’s his only hope for a worthwhile website.

  3. I totally agree with your sentiments, Hugh. MSTies have been one of the strongest fan-communities since the Internet hit the mainstream. If Jim made a site for and about the fans, something we could get into and be part of, rather than just sell more crap with the logo on under cover of some video clips we already have, he could totally succeed.

    As is, he’s just making the brand look more distant with his continued pushing of junk with the cartoon bots and logo on. (I’d even buy his stuff if it were from the MST3K I was and am a fan of, since all my 1990s MST-shirts are long since fabric scraps, but he keeps pushing the stuff nobody liked. My kingdom for a new Tom Servo “I’m Huge!” shirt!) Meanwhile, most of the other principals are producing steady streams of new content, and even blogging.

    Poor Jim just doesn’t seem to know what to do with an Internet when it’s handed to him, while the rest of the former Brains are 21st Century digital success stories.

  4. I honestly think I liked the previous design better. And I’m amazed that there isn’t even an official forum. It just seems completely out of touch with the fanbase.

  5. …or, you know, with the rest of the internet.

  6. As far as a forum goes, maybe Jim is kinda using Satellite News for his “get what the fans are thinking” needs. And really, I don’t know how useful a forum would be to the site, honestly. I think it would mostly consist of fans going “Release the first four KTMA’s!” and “Dude, Joel left the show cuz of you!”

    Any constructive criticism about how to improve the site has already been said on other forums, all of which I’m sure he’s seen (or at least heard about), and he has continued to ignore it, as evidenced by this new sad attempt at the website. I’m glad the Bot cartoons are gone, but that didn’t mean I wanted them replaced with video clips I’ve seen a million times before. I still can’t believe he threw away a golden opportunity to work with Joel again over a freaking website. Hey! Something the fans might actually want! Let me crap all over it!! *sigh*

    I don’t like to see any of the Brains fail, but with this, I’ve kinda thrown up my hands and gone “whatever”. Let him sell his mugs and mousepads. While he’s busy with that, I’ll be out buying Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax…

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