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Out of obligation, here’s the “Hobgoblins 2” trailer

Yeah, so, remember how that utterly useless film called Hobgoblins is supposed to be getting a sequel? Well, it seems that no one was able to put a stop to it, and it’s been filmed and edited into something almost resembling a movie. Above is the first proper trailer for the film. It’s about what you’d expect.

If you know me, then you know I’m not a fan of the MST3K episode featuring the original Hobgoblins. I think the movie itself is unremarkable and fails as a good movie, as a bad movie, and also as a riffable movie. It’s like it… doesn’t exist, to me. This sequel/remake actually looks like it might be a more traditionally riffable piece of trash. That said, I’ll skip this one. There’s only so much idiocy I can take.

There’s no known release date for the project, if you were wondering. The film has an official MySpace page. However, I won’t be linking to it. Instead, I’ll link you to the slightly NSFW MySpace profile of the actress portraying Fantazia, this time around. Go take a good look, before Rick Sloane inevitably makes you lose all respect for her.


5 Responses

  1. “Fails as a riffable movie”? You have some mighty particular MST taste, my friend. Mike and the gang’s journey through HG, painful though it may be, is hilarity. A “Jim Henson’s Furry Manos Babies” if you will. One of the best in the latter era eps IMHO both in lines and skits (love Crow’s short documentary on “Where are all the women?”)

    Fave lines: Tom: “I don’t like Sherry Lewis’ new show.”

    Crow: “So I married one to check it out.”

    Mike: “The army was looking for smart people and Nick qualified!”
    Crow: “I don’t like the way ya greeted me at Walmart, old man!”

    Plus all the variations on…Fish…HITTER!

    HG 2? I’d download a rifftrax for it assuming Mike, Bill and Kev think they could endure another…..

  2. Well, I’m not nearly as particular as I sometimes seem. I tell you, I didn’t properly laugh once throughout the entire episode. It’s the only episode to bear that distinction. I chuckled twice, maybe. Otherwise, it was like staring blankly at a screen for 90 painfully dull minutes.

    It’s even hard for me to explain exactly what I have a problem with, in regards to the film itself. The MST3K episode was just not funny to me (though the Hobgoblins song is darn catchy). The film is a much more complex matter.

    Your mileage may vary. :)

  3. Ugh. Putting the first one completely aside for the moment, this time around it looks like they’re trying for that whole “we know we’re making a bad movie and it’s totally on purpose, aren’t we clever and ironic and postmodern and meta, wink wink wink?” thing. Nobody who isn’t 1980s Troma has ever succeeded at that.

    The charm of MST3K’s bad movies is the fact that every last one of them was actually trying to be a good movie, and usually failing spectacularly at it. This film obviously just doesn’t give a damn, and if it doesn’t why should I?

  4. To each their own then, Hugh. :)

    And to the poster above, with the first, Sloan was practically reveling in the fact he was making a B movie send up (poorly executed though the attempt was). Why else would the man have Flintstones sound effects when a character is getting pummeled by a skinny woman? Either that or it’s just a horrible Gremlins rip off (itself a comedy), who knows?

  5. As I understand it, Sloane was definitely ripping off Gremlins, but he was also trying to make a cheesy b-movie. In a sense, he succeeded, but he also left out all the charm and humor that comes with a truly enjoyable b-movie, like Rob described. It’s like Hobgoblins fails in every conceivable way, even in trying to be a good b-movie.

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