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MST3K.com to Receive Yet Another Makeover?

Satellite News is reporting that, for the second time within a year, MST3K.com is about to undergo a design change. According to the announcement from Best Brains, the site will be revamped in early June, possibly with some sort of new content. Paving over the animated series so soon? Here’s the official statement:

Coming in early June: a newly revamped official MST3K site!
Watch those potholes! Best Brains, Inc. is busy with spring construction, as this June we are rolling out a new look for our website. With some of the best ‘Bot riffing ever, classic host-segments, rad musical numbers–and future surprises–Joel, Mike, and the gang will be gracing the net in style!

“‘Bots riffing”? This makes it sound like there will either be new riffing content, or else we’ll be seeing in-theater clips from the show. We’ll obviously be getting some sorts of old footage, like the last site gave us; but what about these “future surprises”? Is there still hope for some kind of 20th anniversary event?

After the great let-down that was the animated series, I’m not holding my breath. Still, as Barack Obama would surely tell us, “Yes we ca-” er, I mean, have hope.


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