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“MST3K Animated” Killed Hopes for a Reunion Show

During the Q&A session at last weekend’s Cinematic Titanic appearance at the Dallas Film Festival, Joel was asked about the Giant Gila Monster DVD skit he, Trace, and Frank performed for Jim Mallon and Rhino. Though he didn’t really address the skit itself, he did talk a bit about an, uh, interesting encounter between him and Jim. This is going to hurt.

[Joel] said he had contacted Jim Mallon last summer to see if they might want to do something together for the 20th anniversary of MST3K. Joel said Jim mostly talked about the Flash animation and how he wanted to do shorts online using the bots. Joel said he was more interested in riffing on movies, and in the end the two couldn’t come to an agreement. This was the point at which he came up with the idea for Cinematic Titanic.

Ouch. As if the long-dead animated series didn’t have enough reasons for you to not like it, this one’s a kicker. Jim apparently favored this new cartoon venture, instead of going with the sure-fire hit that would’ve been an all-new Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie-riffing adventure. So, basically, don’t count on any special events going down, this anniversary. At least we still have the animated se- Oh. Oops.

Maybe for the 25th anniversary? Please? Guys? Think of the children! Thanks again to Satellite News and “Dave” for reporting on the event.


4 Responses

  1. The more that comes out about Jim’s doings, the more distant the days seem back when he was one of the Brains we all (thought we) knew and loved.

  2. Stings don’t it? He turned down Joel *cue angels singing* for crying out loud! Its things like this that make me believe Mallon has totally lost it. Maybe next year. There’s no rule that says you have to go from 20th straight to 25th anniversary right? RIGHT??? *cries in corner*

  3. Guys: Put aside your differences for the common good of your Misties out here and do something together! We need you!

  4. Please God let this be.

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