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New Rifftrax On Demand: A Double Feature

A new 99-cent Rifftrax On Demand short went up, the other day. This one is actually a couple of short shorts tied together. The first film asks that all-important question, “Why doesn’t Cathy eat breakfast?” (The answer? She’s probably a tart.) The second short appears to be a promotional film for the fine bird-slayers of Petaluma Chicken, the omelet-masters of yesteryear.

Sadly, this is a traditionally DRM-filled DivX release, but they do provide the usual mp3 file, which can be used with the raw shorts, found here and here. Hopefully, the recent “experimental” DRM-less release was successful (hint, hint — BUY IT) and this will be one of the last DivX-only releases that we’ll have to deal with.


7 Responses

  1. Seriously. If there’s ever a Rifftrax that you NEED to convince your friends to buy, it’s The Terrible Truth.

  2. I’m sorry, I simply won’t buy DRM Rifftrax. I watch them with a friend over at his place, and he’s without internet, so the way in which I see them depends on being able to put them on a hard drive.

    I’m getting to the point where just the word DivX applied to a short is a turn-off.

  3. Yeah, they really have to factor in the amount of people who *won’t even give Rifftrax a chance* because of DRM.

    It’s not like the DRM-Free video is just going to suddenly spike in sales — think of all the people who simply gave up after being asked to *sign in* just to watch something they *legally paid for*. Those people probably don’t even know about The Terrible Truth.

    It’s going to take some time for word to really get around.

  4. DivX and DRM alienate people. This is something they just need to accept and adapt to.

  5. This one and the last ones were tests. The results of which you should see soon.

  6. How was this one a test? Are you comparing the sales of each? Or are you referring to the double-feature aspect of it?

  7. The former.

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