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James Lileks to Guest on Rifftrax?

First of all, let me just start by saying that the above image is the most usable picture of James Lileks that Google Image Search could provide me with. It comes from this blog, so no, I didn’t photoshop this image myself, to fulfill some sort of sinister grudge against Mr. Lileks.

Okay, moving on. Satellite News pointed out that Lileks recently mentioned that he is doing a “super-secret project with Mike Nelson.” Now, unless this project truly is super-secret, odds are that he’s referring to performing a Rifftrax with Mike, with whom he’s friends. So, um, yay? I don’t really know who this guy is. According to SN, he works for the Minnesota Star-Tribune and used to be a radio host. The guys at SN seem to think it’s a good idea, so I’ll buy that.


5 Responses

  1. Essentially, James Lileks is the Mike Nelson of terrible vintage cookbooks, horrible 70s interior decorator manuals, ancient baby care guides, postcards, magazine ads and everything else printed and old. Website linked above, you won’t be sorry.

  2. I cannot connect to anything on lileks.com for the life of me. It hasn’t worked once since I read Satellite News’ article.

  3. The real question is: Does James Lileks mudkips?

  4. Essentially, James Lileks is Ann Coulter Light with a side order of snarking on easy targets.

  5. Well, Mike’s a right-wing Republican, so that about fits. :)

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