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Lindsay With A Whip: Lohan Wants A “Kitten” Remake

Generally speaking, the MST3K LiveJournal community isn’t good for much beyond incessant quoting of Mystery Science Theater dialogue, but occasionally something interesting pops up, like this interesting tidbit: It seems that not only is resident starlet-with-a-deathwish Lindsay Lohan a fan of Ann-Margret’s performance in Kitten With a Whip, but she wants to remake the once-MSTed film. Quoth her:

I look to [Marilyn Monroe] in The Seven Year Itch, just like I look to Ann-Margret in Kitten With a Whip, which is one of my favorite movies, and which I’m actually trying to remake.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I actually don’t think this is a bad idea. I mean, sure, whatever Lohan manages to do with Kitten‘s concept is bound to suck worse than the original (which I actually don’t think is all that bad of a movie; it had me riveted, during my first viewing). Still, I think the story could benefit from a modern adaptation and, if it sucks, it’ll at least be good riff fodder. That Lindsay can sure make a good b-movie. And Lord knows she plays a good floozy.

17 Responses

  1. oh my lohan.

    actually, the fact that lindsay was classy enough to know of kitten with a whip and not fall back on some generic catch-all favorite movie makes me have a little more respect for her. and the fact that mean girls was funny. but that’s only two points out of the negative ten thousand she’s earned.

    anyway, you also mentioned livejournal, and just FYI to your readers, i’ve made this here deepape blog into an LJ-friendable RSS feed here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/deepapemst3k/

    just in case anyone’s interested.

  2. Oh, Suzanne, you are too kind. Thanks for that. :)

    Your point is well taken, but I find it appropriate that one of her favorite movies is a b-movie. (Albeit one that I almost liked. Maybe she and I should get together for a movie night. Better dig up my full-body STD-protection suit.)

  3. Kitten With a Whip also appears for extended discussion in Joe Bob Briggs’ movie history “Profoundly Erotic.” There’s a lot of interesting material about the film and about Ann Margret’s career in general. Lohan might look a little like Margret, and might even be a better actress (Margret was pretty bad), but I think the similarities stop there.

  4. Hey, thanks for linking my post to the LJ group.

    Sorry you don’t dig the quote-fests. As for me, I feel no pain, man. I feel no pain.

  5. Because incessant quoting of MST dialogue is much worse than film blogs with delusion of grandeur.

  6. @stef
    Yes, damn those pretentious film blogs! Damn them!

    I just don’t see the point of quote-fests. It would be nice to see more in the way of thoughtful discussion and general conversation on there. Occasional quoting is fine, but it makes up 60-70% of the posts on there. Ugh.

    Ann-Margret was certainly much prettier and much more talented than Lohan, but I get a similar vibe from both of them. I feel like Lindsay could do an excellent interpretation of this role (relatively speaking) and a remake would be a fun, mindless b-movie romp, which suits me fine. I don’t really expect much more from a Lohan film.

  7. @Hugh:

    A) Alumni projects aside, the source material has been cancelled for nearly a decade. You can’t always find new stuff to talk about in a situation like that.

    2) The quotefests can be a fun way for some folks to collectively relive a particular episode with minimal effort, but at times it becomes high-energy duels with unGoogleably obscure quotes for the hardcore types. Everyone wins.

    d) Since they start off with a prompt of one or two quotes, with the real meat-n-potatoes in the strings of comments, the entires are pretty easy to just scroll past if you just ain’t into that sort of thing.

    %) Oh bite me, it’s fun. :-)

  8. You know… this might be a Lohan turning point. It’s like she finally realized that she could no longer maintain the goody-two-shoes persona from her earlier movies and embrace her crazy side. It began with “I Know Who Killed Me,” but this might firmly cement her new reputation. It might be the career boost she needs. I see shades of Angelina Jolie here (who took a detour into wild, racy movies before she became the modern day Queen of the World).

  9. Except, you know, Angelina could act. :)

  10. NO!

    LOHAN IS BOX OFFICE POISON. thats all there is to it.

  11. So, you want a Kitten remake to succeed? :)

  12. lets just say mst3k has given it a soft spot in my heart. or was that my head. i forget….

  13. GOD, Hugh, where the hell do you get off stating your opinion about things anyway, huh? You’re acting like this is your BLOG or something! :B

  14. Have I ever told you how much I like you, Robyn? Yes, you’re a favorite. :)

  15. People still use Livejournal?

  16. Well, yeah… I do. :)

  17. Dude. Just saw this movie on ‘THIS’, which is like a B-movie substation in LA. I thought Lindsay Lohan instantly. Five years after your post on this, I think she still could pull it off. Maybe not as a ‘juvenile’ delinquent , but a ‘young offender’. Anyway, I wish I were a Hollywood producer — I’d do this in an instant.

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