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New Rifftrax On Demand: Totally Rips Me Off, Man

A new Rifftrax On Demand short came out today and, frankly, it hits a little too close to home for me. You see, Mike, Bill, and Kevin have apparently been continuing to spy on my every movement. Once more, they’ve completely ripped off my own successful ideas in order to profit and fill up their already-overflowing vaults with more filthy, dirty money. See, the short is a little film called Lunchroom Manners. Sound familiar?

Yes, the public domain short that I riffed back in August of 2006 has now been riffed by Mike “Criminal” Nelson, Bill “Larceny” Corbett, and Kevin “Hamburgler” Murphy. Surprised? Psh. They’re always profitting from my brilliance. I start a blog, then they start a blog. I riff a short, then they riff that same short. There are other unmentionable examples, but I shan’t mention them. Hacks, all of them. What’s next, gentlemen? Duck and Cover? Is nothing sacred?

If you’re a shameless consumer whore and you don’t mind lining the pockets of these charlatans, you can pick up the short for the small fee of 99 cents. (Which, I might add, is 99 cents more than mine. I’M SELFLESS, SEE?) You will need to jump through the usual, annoying DivX hoops to view the short, or you can just purchase it and apply the mp3 file to the untouched short, which can be found here.

But you’re better than that, aren’t you?


3 Responses

  1. DivX is a no-starter for me, due to the DRM and web-tied aspects of it. Fortunately they still make the mp3s available.

    (Bungle! Bungle!!)

  2. Well then you guys should both check out the latest Short, The Terrible Truth, which we released in a variety of DRM-free formats. Yippee!

  3. Oh Conor, you scamp. :)

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