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MST3K’s Animated Series Cancelled?

Whither, lame cash-in? It looks that way. Jim Mallon and Paul Chaplin’s poorly received, and even more poorly executed, animated series revolving around the Satellite of Love’s robots hasn’t exactly gone well, and now it looks like it might not be going any further. One of the series’ animators from Puny Entertainment, Shad, has been making the occasional post on the MST forums. The following part of his most recent post is particularly interesting:

It was kind of in limbo but our studio won’t be animating any more bot cartoons. I think they’re done but that’s entirely up to Jim. We’d hoped to make them better but that is good and gone at this point…

Shad seems more than a little put out by the fandom’s response to the series. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that it wasn’t Puny’s fault. The animation wasn’t to everyone’s liking, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. The writing, however, was flat. Utterly dead. Not funny. While Paul Chaplin is a funny man, writing solo scripts for animated shorts apparently isn’t his forté.

The presumed death of the web series shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to most MSTies. It only managed four episodes, and I believe the last one was released in December. One has to wonder what will become of MST3K.com now, since the rebranding revolved almost completely around the cartoon and its designs. (That is, assuming the series truly is dead.) I, for one, will not miss the series, but part of me hopes that Paul and Jim aren’t completely out of the mix, now. Especially Paul. I worry about the little fella. We still love you, man.

Hey, Jim. How about you make amends with the rest of the Brains and get back to making quality laughs? Now that would be a smart business move.


8 Responses

  1. As much as I couldn’t stand the Bot cartoons, I feel bad that it might be dead. I was kind of hoping that they were taking this hiatus and using it to really improve the quality – animation-wise as well as the comedy. I was still holding out hope that it could turn into something awesome. I guess not.

    As much as Jim has screwed up, I still don’t like to see any of the Brains fail.

  2. I agree. Maybe there’s still a chance. You never know.

  3. i say good riddance! those things were an embarrasment.

  4. Aww… I was actually growing fond of the little ‘toons. To be honest, I rather adored the Solitaire cartoon, and thought that it was a step in the right direction, as far as the ‘toons were concerned.

    So… now, does this mean that the main draw of the site will be the poor-quality video clips from the series or something?

  5. To be fair, the video clips are at least YouTube quality, if not better. Unless they went with a significantly better player, or higher quality video files, one can’t expect much more. It’s a start.

    Of course, the big question is whether or not Jim ever plans on making it any better. He has virtually no connection with the fans, so I would assume the answer is “no.”

  6. I wanted to enjoy these so much, but one after another they were huge letdowns. I wouldn’t mind keeping the legacy clips or the merchandise around though. I still want to get a few of the classic shirts.

  7. Hey, Jim. How about you make amends with the rest of the Brains and get back to making quality laughs? Now that would be a smart business move.”

    Amen to that! Joel’s “Anything is possible” response when asked about this very subject in the recent fan sent questions gives me hope. And no matter what anyone thinks of Mallon, the cartoons were just boring and shoddily presented. The worst Homestar short trounces. So yeah, good bye and good riddance.

  8. New content released under the MST3K name, with original cast members in tow, would make more than double whatever Jim is currently making off of the brand. Hopefully, he’ll realize this.

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