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This Week’s New Releases: New In An Old Sense

I’m afraid there’s not a heck of a lot to report, this week. There’s no new Rifftrax out, Cinematic Titanic is still slaving away in the riff mines of their respective planets, and Shout! Factory certainly isn’t releasing anything yet. So, that leaves us with Rhino’s first single-disc MST3K release in a long time.

Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Giant Gila Monster
DVD: $7.95 (Rhino.com exclusive)

Technically, this isn’t that new. Gila Monster came out last week as part of Rhino’s Volume 10.2 rerelease. If you want to check that out, read last week’s post. Initially, this release wasn’t even supposed to happen. Gila Monster would go into 10.2 and that would be that, and those of us who bought the original Volume 10 would be screwed. Due to a gentle little uproar, however, Rhino decided to offer the disc for sale via their website. And so we have this product.

The above header image is taken from a crude video of a skit that was included on the Gila Monster disc. Essentially, Joel, Crow, Tom, Dr. F, and Frank all return to make funny about the whole Godzilla fiasco. Yep, new footage of the original characters. (Well, Frank voices Tom, but we can’t have everything. Apparently.) This new host segment is the prime reason that I ordered my copy. If you want to view the video in low-quality form, you can see it here. I’ve decided not to embed it here, because… uh, I don’t know. Just because. Watch only if you don’t mind “spoilers.” Ha.

Word of warning, however: It seems like everyone who’s ordered this has gotten a “back-order” email from Rhino, so there’s a chance that some of us, or all of us, may have to wait a while to receive it. Even though the single-disc is a limited release, I’m going to assume, however, that Rhino will honor all orders… right, Rhino? Either way, better place your order fast.


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