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Next Rifftrax: Matrix Reloaded

For this moviegoer, the Matrix trilogy has long been a sort of gift from heaven. (The lower-case heaven, but heaven none the less.) The first in the series is actually an excellent, fun, well-written film. The following two entries, however, are not. So, as long as you don’t mind not having proper closure to the series, you can enjoy the first one and then ignore the other two, leaving you free to riff them limb-from-limb.

Or, if you’re Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, you can not play favorites and just riff them all. The next Rifftrax will be Mike and Kevin making a return trip to The Matrix, this time with Bill in tow, for the second film in the trilogy, Matrix Reloaded. It’ll be the usual $3.99, and will be released on the 19th. Now, let’s all have a group discussion about why Bill’s photoshopped dreadlocks actually look moderately reasonable.

2 Responses

  1. Bill’s dreads really don’t look all that bad! Maybe it’s because they match his natural hair color, so it’s not quite as jarring as Kevin’s. He’d probably want to get the dreads placed farther down the hairline. Nothing says desperate like male patten dreadlocks…

  2. Yeah, it took me a while to realize that that was a photoshop of Bill and not a wig. And he looks fairly good in it, in that nouveau George Washington sort of way.

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