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Studio Kaiju Interviews Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl

Well, this isn’t exactly news, since it happened last December, but it’s new to me and probably new to you. Studio Kaiju is an intriguing little website starring Mr. Colin Reboy, a now-13-year-old young man who has been interviewing cult-variety celebrities since 2003. Well, while I was perusing his recent interview with James Urbaniak on YouTube, I happened to notice that he had also interviewed Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl. Kevin’s interview actually includes video and is broken up into five parts, while Mary Jo’s is audio-only. I’ve embedded the bulk of them after the cut.

Kevin’s interview (part one is above, by the way) just reinforces my love for the man. He just seems like a really amazing, friendly guy, and I also finished his book recently, so I’m in a Kevin-lovin’ mood, these days. (Sorry, am I getting fanboy juice on you?) And who doesn’t love Mary Jo? (Hey, I said “Mary Jo,” not “Pearl”.) Sadly, her interview is much shorter and the audio quality is a little lacking. Still, she’s charming as ever.

I recommend checking out the rest of Studio Kaiju’s interviews. They’re fairly awkward, but I think that adds to the charm, plus there’s quite a few notable names among his interviewees, like “the guest list of the greatest Dragon*Con ever,” as Urbaniak puts it. I figure, even though Mr. Reboy is in those awkward teen years, he also happens to be doing something awesome that, frankly, I’m quite envious of. I’d say he’s got a pretty sweet deal going. Again, more after the cut.

Here’s part two of Kevin’s interview:

Part three:

Part four:

Part five:

And here’s the interview with Mary Jo:


5 Responses

  1. “He just seems like a really amazing, friendly guy, and I also finished his book recently, so I’m in a Kevin-lovin’ mood, these days.”

    Kevin rules. He was recently voted MSTie I’d Most Like To Share A Sammich Luncheon With in I Just Made It Up Magazine.

    His book ruled, too. A lot of people trashed him for being a “film snob,” but if you had to watch a movie every day — instead of selectively going only when something interests you — you’d probably come off as a little bitter, too. ;)

  2. When I started the book, I thought he was being snobbish, but by the end, I realized that he’s just a guy who’s passionate about movies and cinemas. I can be the same way about my own interests. Like, say, MST3K.

  3. I totally agree. There’s a zillion sub-genres of just about any hobby, from 80s b-movies to pie making. There’s always going to be stuff you like and dislike, but it doesn’t make you any less of a fan — it makes you human.

    Heck, I used to argue for hours about Final Fantasy’s shift to 3D and sudden embrace by the general public. (Those MTV commercials changed the scene from FF3-loving fanboys to random kids demanding to know which is the “punch button”. I only wish I was kidding.) And in retrospect, new blood is always a good thing, and 3D graphics are just as “kewl” as hand drawn sprites — it’s all in the art design, baby!

    Just out of curiosity, what did you think of Mike Nelson’s Megacheese?

  4. Video game metaphors. That, I can understand.

    I loved Megacheese. Honestly, I still haven’t finished his Mind Over Matters book, having started it several years ago, but I’ve read through Megacheese multiple times (which is rare for me). One reason that I was initially disappointed with Kevin’s book was because it wasn’t like Megacheese, as I’d anticipated.

    I think that Mike and Kevin do their best work when they’re on the subject of movies. Mike ripping apart cinematic garbage, Kevin waxing nostalgic about ancient theaters… It’s what they do best, in my opinion.

  5. That was very weird, but entertaining. Kevin looked slightly more crazed than usual. Probably the cramped quarters he was webcaming from enhanced the feel.

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