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Josh Weinstein Updates, Clarifies The Rifftrax Rift

Josh recently sent out a new email to those of us on the illustrious Cinematic Titanic email list. There’s nothing too magnificent, but some stuff is definitely worth a mention. Most importantly, Josh mentions Joel’s recent Q&A with Slashdot, which sparked some controversy when Joel declined to answer the “What do you think about Rifftrax?” question. Josh assures us, however, that there is no rift between the camps. Phew. He also mentions that Joel is planning another Q&A for fans, during the next few weeks.

Josh then points us to a CT FAQ put together by the spoiler-addicted bums at Ain’t It Cool News. It’s pretty informative, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the project. There’s also a reminder about the upcoming “launch party” event, on the 12th of February. Josh also reminds us that when we pay for Cinematic Titanic discs (as opposed to being dirty, filthy pirates), the money goes to help finance the next episode. So, don’t be a bastard. (My words, not his.)

Lastly, Cinematic Titanic got a brief mention in Rolling Stone Magazine. Included after the break is Josh’s image of the mention. Oozing Skull is about aliens? Really? Aliens, Rolling Stone? Really? Press is press, though, amirite?


4 Responses

  1. Maybe they meant *illegal* alien, in an effort to stay topical.

    Aw, who’m I kidding. This is worse than when they called Eminem a rock musician, when everyone knows he is actually the recipient of a botched brain transplant.

  2. I think Oozing Skull is more about Eminem than aliens.

  3. Hmm… Oozing skull… about Eminem…

    Damn. Now I’ve got a hankering for a Rifftrax edition of 8-Mile.

    Maybe we can ask Weird Al to stick around long enough to make a few “White and Nerdy” jokes?

  4. That J. Elvis Weinstein. He’s good folks.

    As one of the guys who was probably most dismayed by Joel’s response to the Rifftrax question on the Slashdot Q&A, I’d just like to say that this completely obliterates my negative vibe-like things. Go Josh!

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