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Cinematic Titanic To Switch Distributors?

Please keep in mind that this is entirely speculation, and nothing is concrete, but this post on the Rifftrax LiveJournal community really piqued my interest. “Roy” received a butchered Oozing Skull disc, presumably thanks to EZTakes’ flimsy DVD packaging. He emailed both Cinematic Titanic (presumably via the website) and EZTakes. The response from EZTakes was about what you’d expect (no one answered the phone, then they responded to the email and sent a replacement disc), but the response from someone at Cinematic Titanic was interesting:

Hi Roy,

Please know that I’m saving letters like yours and using them to try to convince Joel to switch distributors. I get far too many of these types of complaints, and I think their fans deserve more.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against EZTakes as a company. I wish them the best, and I’m sure this CT business is huge for them, but a project of this magnitude (have I mentioned that I really liked Oozing Skull?) deserves proper distribution, at least on-par with Shout! Factory’s handling of The Film Crew. If you’re unhappy, or the proud owner of an arrived-damaged disc, please speak up here and (perhaps more importantly) here. Power to the picky!


6 Responses

  1. man, i dont know whats wrong with me. but i am starting to really hate CT. i dont know what it is. I dont think its that funny. i think the film crew blows it away. And after reading their newsletter today, i just got annoyed. MEH IM VERY GROUCHY> ARGHGH

  2. Wow, we’re polar opposites there. I’m warming up to the project more and more. (Joel still bugs me, though.)

  3. I would gladly pay a buck or two more just for a real case. I have no idea what they were thinking.

  4. Keep in mind that the project was financed by the Brains themselves, so they probably saved money by going to a “mom and pop” DVD distribution company. I mean, all joking aside, I don’t think EZTakes is just a kid in his basement with a DVD burner, but I doubt it’s terribly far off from that.

    As Joel’s moneybags grow larger, I’m sure we’ll see a more professional product.

  5. Yeah, I realize Cinematic Titanic is Print-on-Demand and they’re funding Episode 2 with the proceeds from Ep. 1, but I doubt they’d lose any customers if they jacked up the price $1 or $2 to cover the case and extra shipping. Heck, you can find Amaray II’s (industry standard) cases for $0.37/ea.

    If I had a choice between an $18 sure thing and a $16 gamble, I’d go with $18 every time. But then again I usually spring for shipping insurance on eBay, so.. *grin*

  6. I think a price hike would be worse than a lack of packaging. If I have to wait through a few shittily-packaged episodes, until they have enough funds to maybe spring for proper, normal packaging, then I’m willing. But $18? $16 is enough, as it is.

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