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Deep Ape Is Selling Out

Sorry. I don’t like making these sorts of posts anymore than you like reading them. Basically, long story short, I’m perpetually strapped for cash. So, I’ve decided to try to bring in a teeny, tiny amount of cash via Amazon.com. Now, whenever I link to a relevant product (MST3K/Film Crew DVDs, a Rifftrax movie, etc.) it will be an opportunity for you to line my pockets with sweet, sweet cash to rub all over my naked body. I link, you click on link, you buy via link, and I get a small cut of the sale. Got it? Think of it as putting a few bucks in my tip jar, while buying something you want.

So, no, this doesn’t really effect you or your time spent reading this blog. But if you’d like to help me out and say, “Hey, your blog is okay. I want to give you money,” then this is the way to do it. I’d appreciate it, but no pressure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish writing out that check for Pitch.


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