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Joel’s Slashdot Interview Finally Goes Live

In November, Slashdot took questions from readers for a Joel Hodgson interview. Now, two months later, it’s finally been posted. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why it took so long, but who am I to judge lateness?

Frankly, the interview’s a bit of a let-down. There are a few notable answers, but most of it’s a little mundane. He also failed to answer the question that asked his opinion of Mike, Kevin, and Bill’s ventures, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth, at least. And Joel always sounds so formal in interviews… What’s up with that, dude? Sorry, guys, he just rubs me the wrong way, these days. Am I crazy?


10 Responses

  1. i felt bad for him when he talked about the real reason for him leaving the show, and it makes me hate mallon even more. but yeah, he is a little annoying to me know. the unanswered question about rifftrax is so dumb, why not just answer, jeez

  2. If you’re crazy, I’m crazy too, ’cause I starting to feel the same way. :P

    Also, I MUST be crazy because I was bewildered by everyone’s shocked and dismayed reactions when Joel went into the reasons he left the show. Er, didn’t we already know there were problems between Jim and Joel? Maybe this is the first time Joel has actually said so, but I mean…it was just a “Well, duh” moment for me. And why say it now, after all these years? All it does is stir up even more “ARRRGH I HATE JIM MALLON” sentiment amongst the fans, and it’s like, OKAY, I get it, Jim’s a dick, can we please MOVE ON?

    Gaaah, I better not think too much about the petty grudges that may or may not be going on behind the scenes and try to focus on the funny, otherwise I’m REALLY gonna go nuts.

  3. I’m glad I’m not alone on this one.

    It just bothers me to think that he’s actually offended by Rifftrax or the Film Crew. It makes me imagine that he has some sort of, “How dare they take my idea and profit from it” attitude. That’s probably not the case, but it gives me that impression.

    As for everything else? Joel just seems to be really stiff and impersonal, whenever I see anything from him, be it in a blog posting or an interview. I hate to compare him to Mike and the Rifftrax camp, but Mike, Bill, and Kevin seem so much more at-ease and personable, these days. Perhaps Joel just needs to build his confidence back up or something. Maybe he’ll change, over time. But now, he feels more like a Jim Mallon than the Joel of old.

  4. I feel like the MST3K thing was a gig for him, something fun — whereas Mike and Kevin especially seem to have a real fondness for movies and bad movies especially. Joel’s something of a stand-offish, introverted performer (probably part of the reason CT seems to impersonal), which is fine, I guess, but it does make him a little harder to like. You always get the feeling he doesn’t really care; maybe even that he resents the fans a little bit.

  5. I’m surprised people are surprised with Joel’s interviewing skills. He has always seemed very introverted and shy, and has called himself “not funny” in real life. (Also he just hasn’t done these things, and maybe we’re seeing why/) I think people have gotten used to Rifftrax, a gang that always tries to be funny when interacting with people. I’m not trying to defend Joel, nothing to defend, but people like Mike and Kevin are just into being “on” when they talk to fans and such. They like to perform and be witty and they work hard at that, but Joel just doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. He is just what he is/

    Uh, on the flip side, the article as pretty blah. Maybe two interesting questions, and just as many interesting answers, but, hey, I wont complain!

  6. It’s more than just being introverted, Roz. I mean, I’m very introverted. And it isn’t even that he’s not funny. He just sounds like a guy running a business, or working a job. And that bothers me and, yes, it impairs my enjoyment of Cinematic Titanic and whatever else he does. MST3K felt like something natural and easy. Now, Joel seems like a guy putting on a suit and trying a little too hard. He needs to realize that he doesn’t have to sell himself, or CT, to us and he should just relax.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. It’s good to have him around again, and I enjoyed Oozing Skull. (Review coming soon!)

  7. From other interviews he’s done in the past, I’ve kinda gotten this same vibe. He’s always seemed a bit stuffy, probably because we’re so used to the “sleepy laid back Joel” from MST3K

  8. oh man, im kind of interested in your review. i just now sat through the entire oozing skull. i dont think i laughed 10 times. i found it VERY stiff and strange. i hated the shadowrama. verry distracting and not useful at all. im kinda sad. i immediately started watching the wild women of wongo and i have been laughing my ass off ever since it started. i dunno, i think im just more comfortable with mike and the gang….

  9. On “Question Unsurprisingly Left Unanswered”:

    That’s a big minus to this long-time MSTie. It’s not unsurprising at all. I like Joel, and on the average I tend to enjoy a Joel episode more than a Mike one, but this is the first real time I’ve heard something from him that really strains my positive memories of him on the show.

    In any case, Slashdot interviews are SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. Questions are posted by the readership, and are chosen by a straight-up moderation score. Because the audience basically choses them, ducking a question will always cause a negative reaction among Slashdot’s readers on the average.

    Is Joel not wanting to comment on the competition? Oh please, everything I’ve heard has suggested they’re all friends behind the scenes. Unless someone has “crafted that response for the press.” Did Joel feel rejected that he wasn’t asked to join in on RiffTrax? Is there bad blood between him and Mike?!

    Maybe I’m still operating on old assumptions. The assumptions created by his previous statement that he left the show to preserve his (direct quote) “creative ecology.” If he had been bitter from being forced out, and we had known about it all this time, then I would have been upset at first but would be over it by now. And I would have understood his being bitter about leaving then. Now I’m having to adjust, and it’s a lot harder.

    Yeah, I’m sounding like a real nerd right now. And how dare Lucas ruin Star Wars, blah blah blah. Yet MST3K has always been seen by us fans as, ultimately, utterly unpretentious and wholly void of ego in the honored Midwestern tradition. To hear some echos of primadonnaism in this, whether it’s ultimately from Joel or Mike (and because of the lack of info we don’t know which is the case) , is jarring.

  10. I don’t think Mike has a primadonna bone in his body. Joel left, according to this interview, because his feud with Jim Mallon got out of hand and was jeopardizing the show. For years, fans have known that the two of them had trouble getting along. And now we know why.

    But no, I don’t think Mike had anything to do with it. He’s the epitome of the unassuming Midwesterner… unless he’s tricked us all and is a megalomaniacal power-freak.

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