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Pirate Shenanigans on the High Internets

Once again, Google Alerts brings me more hilarity, in the guise of filthy, dirty pirates with an apparent sense of humor. I just got links to a number of new torrents of Cinematic Titanic’s The Oozing Skull with a rather amusing title:

Cinematic Titanic Oozing Skull FULL DVD COPY by JIM MALLON

It then goes on to finish the usual product description with this line:

Here’s what I think of your complimentary copy of Cinematic Titanic, Joel!
– Jim Mallon

I can just see Jim cackling away in front of his computer, twirling a pencil-thin mustache. “This will show those meddling kids!” Of course, the torrents were absolutely not uploaded by Jim. This is clearly in the same vein as that torrent uploader posting comments under Joel Hodgson’s name. Once again, neither Jim nor Joel advocate torrenting Cinematic Titanic episodes, and neither do I.


8 Responses

  1. Sorry bud, i just have to disagree with you on the piracy thing…

  2. Sooo… you approve of stealing from the pockets of the Brains? It’s one thing to pirate big Hollywood movies, but the funding for CT comes straight from the pockets of the five Brains. If the project is to succeed, they need their fans to buy it. You might want to reconsider your stance.

  3. well, its a lame excuse, but really i just think that all art and media needs to be free. i agree that ct is a little different, but i just cant bring myself to pay for things anymore. to be honest with you. not that it matters, but on a side note, i hated the oozing skull…

  4. I’m guessing all artists and performers are going to have to find day jobs…

  5. No one’s more in favor of freely-distributed art and entertainment than me, but that’s just not feasible right now, especially in this case. I’m all for screwing the big studios and companies, but that’s just not the case here. Thud’s right, Brains got to eat.

  6. The Brains’ projects are among the few things on the Internet I won’t pirate. They deserve my money.

  7. Yeah all media and art should be free, man. and also all food. And clothes. And housing. Oh, and sex.

  8. “…really i just think that all art and media needs to be free.” -Adam

    I’m sorry, I just have to comment on this.

    It baffles me to read statements like these. All art and media needs to be free? Since when? When did the universe become entitled to this? I must’ve missed a memo.

    The idea that someone expects that I should give them something that I created with my own hands and heart is not just ludicrous but downright insulting. I simply don’t understand the argument. I’d like someone to explain it to me so that I do, but something tells me we’re coming from very different mindsets.

    If you’ve ever created something, anything, you must know that it takes not only money but time, energy, and love to do it. Yet the fact is that many of us creative types don’t recoup even a quarter of the losses for the work we do. Often we sell at a loss. But we do so because we love what we do and feel privileged and honoured to be able to work at what we love, and we receive joy from sharing the result with others.

    It is my opinion that people who argue that media should be free are basically saying “we don’t want to pay for it.” And that’s just fine. If you don’t want to pay for it you certainly don’t have to. Just so long as you don’t expect to get anything in return. Most grownups come to this realization eventually. And that’s the part that bewilders me–that grown adults are arguing in all seriousness that not only should these things be free for them, but that they are entitled to it. Do you expect to walk into a movie theater without a ticket? to sit at a concert free of charge? and if so, why? I’d really like to know.

    I can’t imagine you’d be too thrilled if you didn’t receive a paycheck because your boss believed that your work should be free of charge, since food and gas prices are so high and all. But this is essentially what you are arguing. After all, if you honestly believe that all media should be free of charge, then it only follows that you must also be of the mindset that your employer is entitled to your work without having to pay you. Right?

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I adore your basic premise–that everything in the world should be free. That’d be great. And it would be great if the people who create the media you expect to be served up without cost to you were able to partake in those same freebies to which you feel so entitled. Because then we wouldn’t need to expect, or ask, often beg to be reimbursed for the labour of love we put into our creations. But we live in the real world, and know that the universe doesn’t work that way. We exist in that same universe as do you, where we pay for our food and clothing and shelter. So we’d just like to remind you that for the same reason you would like these things to be gratis–i.e., you need money–we’d like to be paid too. It’s really not all that much to ask. And I’d do the same for you.

    Thank you for your time.

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