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New Cinematic Titanic Posts

Josh and Joel have updated the Cinematic Titanic site with a couple of new posts. Josh shares how he composed the CineTit theme, complete with mp3 samples. Joel just confirms what we already knew, namely that The Oozing Skull was snapped up in mass quantities by an unending horde of zombie-like MSTies.

What? You want a cookie? Go read.


2 Responses

  1. A downside of Sinny Tit’s debut being burned-on-demand is that each disc can have an identifiable, unique tracking number hidden on it somewhere. I predict that as soon as the first discs arrive in the mail, it will hit Pirate Bay within hours.

    Caution to uploaders: Make a DIVX rip to share. Don’t upload a DVD image. That might get you fingered.

  2. First of all, I doubt that there will be any significant security features on the discs.

    Secondly, don’t pirate these discs. Any so-called MSTie who pirates a Brain’s project instead of paying for it, doesn’t deserve to be in the fandom and should get the f— out. Support them if you can. So, caution to uploaders: don’t be douchebags.

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