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Darkstar Still Lives. Silently, Like A Ninja. Space Ninja.

Parallax Studios’ perpetually-upcoming sci-fi adventure game Darkstar has been blipping on and off the radar for over seven years, now. The game, which features six of MST3K’s former cast and crew in major roles, is MST fandom’s own Duke Nukem Forever — all promises, no fulfillment. Once again, the previously projected December release date has passed and it looks like their most recent estimate, this month, will also pass us by.

All is not lost, however, as the official Darkstar site was apparently updated several times while we weren’t looking, in November and December. The updates are varied, and they don’t give us a ton of pertinent information, but they’re enough to whet the appetite. Of particular note is one of the November 20th updates, which includes a Quicktime peek at a robotic character’s quarters, where blatant MST3K references abound. Other than that, there are some words from Frank, some storyboards, and a status update. To summarize: It’s still not out yet.

I think a lot of MSTies have either forgotten about this or they’ve just stopped caring. While Parallax is clearly devoted to making this game all it can be, I have a feeling that this game’s constant delays have already doomed it to fail. Judging from the available screens, it has a delightfully ’90s feel to it which, while charming, probably won’t guarantee huge sales numbers. MSTies and retro PC adventure game fans will probably love it, at least. But who knows? I’m looking forward to it, if only for the Rush soundtrack. I can haz soundtrack album?

Thanks to Adam for pointing me towards the updates.

One Response

  1. The creator of DARKSTAR, along with Clive Robertson, Trace Beaulieu, Beez McKeever, and co-producer Mark Walters will all be at DragonCon 2010 to announce the long awaited release date. The game has apparently been done for some time, but has been held up by the futile RUSH negotiations with the corporate hacks.

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