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Happy Old Year: The Top Posts of 2007

Well, folks, 2007 is drawing to a close. We survived. (Well, if you’re reading this, you probably did. I don’t recall the numbers for my zombie demographic.) It was certainly a good year to be a MSTie, but I’ll talk about that later. And while it was a rough year for me personally, it was a decidedly triumphant year for this little project known as “Deep Ape”. The blog’s one-year anniversary is a couple of months off, so we’ll save the hardcore reminiscing – which, of course, I’ll be the only one interested in.

As is common for blogs like this, there’s usually a “most popular posts of the year” recap right around this time. Being the narcissist that I am, this is it. Now, I was almost reluctant to go through with this post, namely because some of the top individual posts are damn unimpressive. Effectively, they’re posts that Google led people to while they were desperately searching for naked pictures of Jessica Alba. But hey, let’s display our pathetic embarrassment for all to see (after the cut)!

10. Next Rifftrax: Fantastic 4

And hey, speaking of NUDE PICTURES of JESSICA ALBA (FREE)– er, sorry. A simple announcement, heralding the coming of a new Rifftrax, was the number ten most-viewed post of the year. Hmm, I wonder why…


The number nine post is very dear to my heart. The quite excellent, and sadly inactive, new meme site LOL BOTS posted this picture, last June. This single entry sparked a huge, huge fire in my imagination: LOL MST. It seems so simple, yet has so much potential — for both brilliance and annoyance (like all good memes). I then went to work, meme-ing a few dozen MST images. Around ten of them have been posted here on Deep Ape. To those of you who enjoyed those posts, they will be making a comeback in the new year. But the idea behind this one post provided me with endless minutes of amusement.

8. Deep Ape Reviews: Cinematic Suicide-Inducer

Ah, it’s nice to see some original content on the list. For a long time, I’d been hearing from MSTies about The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman — namely, just how mind-bendingly atrocious it is. Naturally, I had to experience it for myself. Well, true enough, it was traumatizingly horrible and, thus, an instant object of great fascination to me. Apparently, my review of it somehow made it onto the top posts of the year. Yay? (By the way, as of this posting, I’ve not yet cleaned up and optimized this review for the new blog design.)

7. The Bots Are Back… Sort Of. I Guess?

The month of October came to a close with a surprisingly uncomfortable piece of news: Mystery Science Theater 3000 was coming back. Only, this wasn’t Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not ours, anyway. Former MST3K producer and current owner of Best Brains, Inc., Jim Mallon decided to resurrect the show’s three main robots and put them in a Flash-animated web series. This time, however, they would not be voiced by any of their original operators, with the exception of Mallon’s Gypsy. Even though he brought in the previously-M.I.A. Paul Chaplin to voice Crow, it just wasn’t — and still isn’t — the same for most MSTies.

6. Satellite News Finally Enters 2002

As I recounted in the above post, Satellite News’ long-unchanged design and recent decline in relevancy encouraged me to build this blog. Well, in November, that changed, as Chris Cornell and Brian Henry finally updated their site, turning it into a proper blog. Finally, MST3K is getting the 21st-century treatment it deserves. Nice work, guys.

5. …And Now The Other Brains Are Back!

Gently softening the news of MST3K’s nerfed “return” was this other piece of news, perhaps the truest return of MST3K ever: The return of series creator Joel Hodgson to the riffing arena, with Cinematic Titanic. Along with J. Elvis “Tom Servo” Weinstein, Trace “Crow” Beaulieu, Frank “TV’s Frank” Conniff, and Mary Jo “Pearl” Pehl, they’ve once again helped to light a fire under MSTdom, much like Rifftrax’s debut did last year. If Jim Mallon’s MST3K animated series strips all the charm and funny out of the name, Joel’s new project looks to be adding it back in. Godspeed, Joel.

4. Sex, Farmland, and Videotape

Further proof that the word “sex” will sell anything and make your genitals more prominent in 30 days or less, this completely and utterly unrelated-to-MST3K post is the year’s number four most-viewed. Basically, I stumbled across a (mostly NSFW) Midwest-made educational web series with a charming, Midwestern sense of humor that I found somewhat reminiscent of our Brains’ own style.

3. Cartoon Dump Pics, Spandex Aplenty

Frank Conniff’s Cartoon Dump web series, while promising, quite original and fairly amusing, was ultimately eclipsed by the maiden voyage of Cinematic Titanic. The show, which has also featured appearances from Joel Hodgson during its live performances, appears to still be active. It’s become less newsworthy of late, but it was big news for a while. And even still, who can resist the promise of spandex? I’ll tell you who: No one. That’s who.

2. Barry Bonds Day

This post served three purposes: First, I was letting you know about Mary Jo Pehl’s then-latest blog posting, which involved Mr. Barry Bonds. Second, it allowed me to write ever-so-briefly about how much of a cheating douchebag Mr. Barry Bonds is. And third, it allowed me to demonstrate my dislike of Mr. Barry Bonds with the magic of LOL MST. And apparently, people like reading about Mr. Barry Bonds.

1. Listmakers Anonymous

Thanks to the magic of pingbacks and perverts searching for Kelly LeBrock, this dinky little post about MST’s inclusion on a couple of pointless lists raked in the most hits, this year. Way to go out with a whimper, guys. Geez.


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