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Brain Blog Round-up: Sick, Sick, Sick Edition

This round-up is for the week of December 10th through the 16th. What’s that you say? That was almost two weeks ago? Shut up. I’ve been sick, and that’s seriously delayed any blogging. And before that, I was lazy. But here it is.

That week saw the debut of Bill Corbett in the blogging ring, a task which he’s taken on quite aggressively and, frankly, he just won’t stop blogging. We’ve been receiving many complaints and, I’m sorry, Bill cannot be stopped. He’s rambling all over the place, giving out nicknames, overusing his new Mac’s photo editing features… frankly, he’s bringing down the entire blogosphere. Balancing him out, however, is Kevin Murphy. You just can’t get that man in front of a keyboard enough.

Mary Jo Pehl has stepped up her output of late, almost as though she could feel Bill Corbett’s speedy sausage-fingers breathing down her neck. (Wait, what?) She recapped her experience of the recording of the first episode of Cinematic Titanic, saw Elliot Gould, said something boring, and stated her defiance towards upsellers. Her Tit-mate (I’m going to milk that “CineTit” nickname until it’s dead and dry… hee hee… “milk.” “Tit.” Hee hee.) Joel Hodgson was silent that week.

And of course, Mike blogged. Mike always blogs. Whatever. No one asks him to.

Bill Corbett
Hello, my Rifftraxian friends.
Why Itchy? Why Lumpy?
Please help me choose my professional look.
And my least favorite phrase these days is… (wait for it… wait for it…)
Lately I have been pining…
Nicknames! Get yer nicknames here!
Confess Your Bad Taste. (An Occasional Series.)

Kevin Murphy
Aaaugh! Christmas Tree!!!
Pegging the Creepitometer Needle

Mary Jo Pehl
Cinematic T-T-T-Titanic!!
Answers. Pehl-style.

Mike Nelson
I’m Too Sexy for My Orthopedic Shoes
Clap On!
I Killed me a B’ar. Can I Have a Juice Box?
So bad, you’ll shut it off twice
Staggering Advances in Creepiness


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