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Cinematic Titanic Is ON! Like, NOW.

It’s a little late, but better late than never. Cinematic Titanic is GO! If you head over here, you can order your own DVD copy of the first episode of Cinematic Titanic, a little flick now known as The Oozing Skull. (Formerly “Brain of Blood,” Joel explains the name change here.) The cost is a fairly standard $15.94 and, according to this page, the disc will ship in a Netflix-like envelope, which is a bit cheap in my opinion, especially for sixteen bucks. Still, it’s here. Take it or leave it, baby. The download-to-burn rights apparently hit a snag and won’t be clear until April, however. So, for now, DVD it is.

Perhaps even more immediately exciting is the presence of a Cinematic Titanic promo trailer, available here. (It’s a direct link to a MOV file, so you can right-click and save, if so inclined. Or don’t. Whatever.) It’s a pleasure of gargantuan proportions to finally hear the voices of Joel, Josh, Trace, Frank, and Mary Jo riffing away at movies again, just like the old days. And it does appear to be just like the olden days. The riffs appear to be on par with, say, seasons three or four of MST. Of course, that’s just judging from the short trailer, which is a stupid thing to do, really.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. They sound like they’re having fun, it looks promising, and it certainly doesn’t appear to be half-assed at all. Granted, I’m not expecting this to be exactly like MST3K in execution or quality, and neither should you. I’ve always felt that Rifftrax has lacked a certain something, a certain “pop” or “zing.” So long as our Brains are divided, something will always be missing. But until that day when all are one, this will pass the time quite nicely.

Anyway, go buy the damn thing.


4 Responses

  1. I’m really glad the silhouettes made a comeback, although the set up of it is kinda baffling. Looking forward to seeing the premise behind CT as well, although I’m going to have to wait a few weeks before I can order my copy.

  2. I am just glad that we’ll be abel to get the dvd format. The whole rifftrax download thing just isn’t for me. Hey I know , my loss. The film crew dvds are great but ummm are you gonna release any more? I’ve been waiting and nothing since the first four. Besides I’ve missing the CT’s brand of humor for far too long. I got my oozing skull already ordered. Let’s roll!

  3. As much as I love the old MST3K days, this TITANIC project simply costs too much. A burned DVD in a sleeve for $15? Come on. I would consider paying $10-$12 for a pressed DVD in a substantial case with extras. I buy every PIXAR movie for about that much. I won’t be buying this project at this price.

    I predict piracy will damage sales to the point at which Joel and company will throw in the towel early. There won’t even be 12 episodes of CINEMATIC TITANIC completed. A lower price would have been so much more realistic. If they sold 10,000 copies at $8, each writer/performer might clear a couple thousand an episode.

    That’s not great show-biz money, but aside from Joel it’s probably more than the other people involved have been making lately.

  4. I think you underestimate how easy MSTies are. :) Most fans will be so happy to see Joel riffing again that they’ll shell out the $15 without a second thought. Most already have. (This frustrates me to no end. It’s okay to criticize the Brains, guys. They’re not perfect.) And Rifftrax gets pirated a fair amount too, but they’re still going. (I see many Rifftrax torrents show up in my daily Google Alerts.)

    As for the other Brains, I’m pretty sure they’re not starved for money. Trace and Josh just recently left well-paid positions as writers for America’s Funniest Home Videos – presumably, they left the job for CT. Frank and Mary Jo have also been clearly keeping busy. Honestly, if I had to guess which of them was struggling, I would’ve guessed Joel.

    As for pricing, I would expect a fully-packaged DVD for $16. I would pay around $10 for a DVD in a sleeve, and I’d pay around $7-8 for a DRM-free download. I don’t think I’m going to purchase any episodes until they start packaging them properly.

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