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First Cinematic Titanic Film: “Brain of Blood”

Finally, the silence has broken and we have solid information. 1972’s Brain of Blood is the first project for the reassembled Brain strike team known as Cinematic Titanic. Wired.com’s entertainment sector has the exclusive information about Joel & His Superfriends’ initial choice of visual vomit. The article has a couple of generic quotes from Joel, followed by a plethora of satisfying information.

First off, the debut episode will be released next Monday, December 10th. Secondly, the Cinematic Titanic site will have DVDs available for purchase. (Joel had previously implied that the series might be download-only. Which, frankly, would’ve sucked. Hard.) And finally, today’s live performance for the folks at LucasFilm/ILM will also be available on DVD, eventually. All in all, no bad news in sight.

Anyway, check the article out here. I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point of having writers emailing me questions and requests for soundbytes for their articles. I mean, no offense to Nathan Heckels, but what the hell is MSTies Anonymous? It just doesn’t feel right without a Sampo/Satellite News quote, or something. Well, I’m off to go stare at the above image for a few hours – especially the part that features Trace and Frank. Sigh… (I also like how Joel mentions all the MST3K DVDs that “we” release. Either he’s still subtly flinging spitwads at Jim Mallon, or something’s up.)

Meanwhile, enjoy a short plot summary of Brain of Blood after the cut, since you probably hadn’t heard of it either. It sounds painful and it reinforces my belief that, unless this gets reported to be the Second Coming of Mitchell, I’ll probably be skipping this first installment. (I hate ’70s horror.)

Amir, the benevolent ruler of Kalid, is dying, but there is hope. Freshly deceased, he is flown to the United States where Dr. Trenton transplants his brain into the body of a simpleton in a classic “assistant got the wrong kind of body” plot line. Dr. Trenton has a few nefarious plot twists of his own in mind, and then there’s the thing with the dwarf and the women chained in the basement. It’s up to Amir’s friend Bob and wife Tracey to try and salvage this tale. (IMDB)


One Response

  1. Joel said in his blog today that it looks like it’ll be delayed slightly. Damn it, I can’t wait, I love 70’s horror. :)

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