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Satellite News Likes Me, They Really Like Me

It looks like all my hard work finally paid off. Of course, no hard work actually took place, and I wasn’t really trying to get this to happen, so that first sentence really serves no purpose other than to intro this post, which is really just a masturbatory post in the first place. What were we talking about, again?

Oh, yes. Satellite News recently linked to my review of their new design upgrade. They even go so far as to attempt to deceive their readers into believing that I’m a “very good blogger.” Well, gentlemen, I am flattered and thankful. I almost feel bad for being so snarky in that post. Still, I am a MSTie. If we can’t be snarky with one another, well… well, then Joel Hodgson died in vain, I tell you! So, keep at it! Keep snarking! Remember Joel! Remember the Hamdingers! THE HAMDINGERS!

Joel Hodgson’s not dead, you say? Well, where do you think Frank Conniff got that wonderfully authentic skin for that Joel Hodgson Emulation Machine, huh? Yeah. Didn’t think about that, did ya?


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