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MSNBC Enters The M(i)STs

MSNBC recently put up an article, dealing with the sudden influx of MST “spin-offs” and the like. It’s a fairly standard read, and there’s not much information in there that an eight-year-old MSTie snorting Pixy Stix like it was crack couldn’t tell you. There is, however, some (very) brief commentary from Mr. Mike Nelson on all this new competition. It’s good to see him acknowledge it as I, for one, have been dying to know what the Brains are thinking, amidst all these new developments. The extent of his comments are, essentially, that he favors competition and large piles of money, and is apparently a bit apprehensive about Mallon’s MST3K: Animated project. And that’s it. But that’s not all there was.

The article’s author, Mary Beth Ellis, is a regular contributor to the official Rifftrax forums. It seems that there was a bit of – okay, scratch that – a lot of hacking done to her interview with Mr. Nelson. There was actually a lot there, and Mary Beth was kind enough to post the unedited article and the entire interview, on the Rifftrax forums. It’s an excellent interview, so jump on that sucker, good sirs and madams. She has a blog that you should read, and you can read her account of her conversation with Mr. J. Nelson here. In closing, I’ll include this excerpt from the interview:

MARY BETH: [H]ave you seen the new MST3K site?

MIKE: I did. I did see the new one that Jim and my buddy Paul put up.

Maybe it’s nothing, but I can’t be the only one who chuckled at how carefully a certain part of that appears to have been phrased. Oh and, TorgosPizza? Dude, if you’re reading this, if Mike ever wants to get his Doom skills back up, send him over here.


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