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Cinematic Titanic Updates!

Quick like a bunny, the Cinematic Titanic website has a new entry from every MSTie’s favorite human conundrum, Joel Hodgson. Apart from posting the delicious little picture we see above, Joel goes on to name some dates for forthcoming Cinematic Titanic goodies and, in the process, invents a few words (“Incrediburgable,” Joel? Really? Really, Joel?) and quotes Pink Floyd.

First up, Joel finally fills in a few more blanks on that interview with LucasFilm that he mentioned. Apparently, the interview will go live on StarWars.com this Saturday (that’s the 10th, if you prefer to think in numbers). Contained therein, we’ll find more info on the upcoming Cinematic Titanic premiere. And speaking of which, we’ll finally get to see Joel’s return to riffdom on Monday, December 10th, three days after their LucasFilm debut. Joel seems to hint that this date could change, but it’s official for the moment. (I guess Rhino must be rubbing off on him.)

Lastly, Joel mentions that the Cinematic Titanic website will soon feature a much-needed interview with the least-known of MST’s founding fathers, J. Elvis Weinstein. (I’m sorry, J., but I’m not going to keep calling you “Elvis.” It’s gonna be “Josh,” okay?) There’s also a little bit of background on the origin of Tom Servo, so give it a look. Stay tuned, me buckos.


4 Responses

  1. …Am I complete loser for noticing you spelled “incrediburgible” wrong? XD

  2. …No comment. ;)

    Actually, I meant to double-check it, but I forgot. Oops.

  3. I keep trying to sign up for Cin Titan but never get a reply (OVER A WEEK) and there is no other place to send info on the site. Any ideas?

  4. I’m afraid all I can suggest is to keep trying to subscribe here. There’s only been one email thus far, so you haven’t missed much.

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