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Rifftrax: Recent News and Releases

Since my disappearance from the interwebs, much has been happening in the kingdom of Rifftrax. The fall season – if you can really call it that, with Al Gore and all his damn global warming – has seen four brand spanking new releases, so far.

  • First, Star Wars Episode III was finally released, completing the trilogy. (Also, if you’re a slowpoke like me and don’t own any of the Star Wars Rifftrax, they’ve got a sweet money-saving deal for the whole trilogy. Limited time offer, though.) If you like your Sith crispy and honey-roasted, check it out. Mike, Bill, and Kevin are the riffers.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark is the second of the four, starring Harrison Ford before he developed a thick layer of crust over his soul. This one also features our beloved trinity of riffers.

  • Ah, another comic book movie. Spiderman. Mike, Bill, and Kevin once again.

  • And lastly, Next. If that descriptive title doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a film starring Nicholas Cage (-2) and a moderately-clothed Jessica Biel (+2), so depending on your sexual preference, you may wish to stay away from this movie. Mrs. Nelson, Bridget Jones, is onboard for this Rifftrax, so that’s a big plus.

Some poopie also hit the fan recently, as YouTube suspended Rifftrax’s account on their site. (YouTube? Suspending an account? Shocking!) The idiots – YouTube or the movie studios, take your pick – evidently believe that two-minute clips of movies with humorous commentary overtop of them constitute a legitimate threat to their legal rights. I’m pretty positive that their samples fall under “fair use”. Oh well. It’s not like I expect anything else from the big companies. You can still view the samples on the Rifftrax site.


4 Responses

  1. I watched the Spider-Man RiffTrax this week — my sixth RiffTrax viewing, and definitely one of the best. Highly recommended!!

  2. Plan on downloading the Star Wars and Spider-Man riffs this weekend. The only one I have right now are The Matrix and Star Trek VI. By the way, Ebert responded in today’s Answerman to a question about playing tracks independent of the DVD. Here’s the piece in full for those interested:

    Q. What I want is a DVD player on my computer or iPod that will play a movie and allow me to play another soundtrack over the (turned-down) movie soundtrack. This way, I can purchase a DVD of a movie and obtain commentary on the movie (by you, Criterion, Michael J. Nelson, etc.) separately, but play them simultaneously. Once such a system is available, anyone who wants to can make a commentary on a film without having to license the film or anger the copyright gods. Will you please ask the geniuses of the world to hurry up and invent this for me? I’ve been waiting a long time.
    Dominick Cancilla,Santa Monica, Calif.

    A. Already invented. If I connect my Macintosh to an external speaker, I find that it will simultaneously use input from two sound sources, such as iTunes and Speech, or MP3 and streaming video. The volume slider on each is adjusted separately, so Bob’s your uncle.

  3. Word is RiffTrax.com is just a week or so away from this exact tool. It’s a downloadable player that plays a DVD and MP3 file in sync and lets you pause and rewind etc always keeping the two in sync. Revolutionary!

  4. Am I the only one enchanted by Ebert’s use of the phrase “Bob’s your uncle”?

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