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Sex, Farmland, and Videotape

Let me just get this straight, right off the bat: This post has NO direct connection with Mystery Science Theater 3000 or its cast and crew. However, I think this might interest some MSTies. If it doesn’t, well, you haven’t supported this site financially, so I don’t really care. Nyah nyah. Wink. Smile.

Last week, I stumbled upon an absolutely hilarious and very well-produced podcast / vidcast / “whatever, shut up” series that comes straight from that sexy, sexy, frozen tundra that MST called home, the Midwestern United States. It’s called The Midwest Teen Sex Show. It’s like an R-rated Garrison Keillor, which is actually a pretty disturbing, unpleasant thought, now that I actually think about it. Forget that I said it. Although the subject matter is much more mature than either MST3K’s or Keillor’s, it’s done with that same unassuming Midwestern charm that I could, honestly, pour down my gullet in bucketfuls from morning ’till night, like so many German beers. But I digress.

Contrary to the title of the show, it is NOT porn. It’s actually more of an advice show, as each five-minute episode has host Nikol Hasler addressing one particular topic, such as abstinence or dating an older person. The utterly hilarious, borderline brilliant Britney Barber (alliteration!) then helps punctuate Nikol’s points via skits and assorted mischief. And Nikol’s really pretty funny herself, too. Needless to say, the show isn’t for children, but it never sprints head-on into the excessive muck and naughtiness of a South Park, or even a Family Guy. The show never takes itself too seriously, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all five episodes of the fairly new series.

I’m embedding a crappy YouTube copy of my favorite episode after the cut. If you think it’s something you might like – if you don’t laugh at the cancer line, then you’re no MSTie of mine – check out their site or subscribe via iTunes. I could easily see Mary Jo in Nikol’s role, or Britney playing a bit part on MST3K, and hopefully you’ll all see the similar Midwestern charm that permeates the show. Or you can just enjoy seeing Britney writhe around in a bikini top on a freshly-plowed piece of farmland, during the opening credits.

I’ve known way too many girls like that.


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  1. Disturbing….



    damn the south.

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