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MiSTy Moments: “I’ll Crawl Ya.”

As you may have noticed, I do not like to finish things. As you may have also noticed, I like to start things, such as blog features like “Ladies of MST3K” and “Revisiting MST3K” “MiSTy Moments.” And so, you may have noticed that none of these features tend to get very far. Maybe that’s a good thing. Either way, here’s a little something that I was reminded of via the forums, and I think it more or less fits into this site “feature.”

In 1994, Joel Hodgson made an appearance as a guest on Space Ghost Coast To Coast. I’ll let Wikipedia do the explaining for those unfamiliar with Space Ghost and his brand of wonderment, something which all people should experience at least once. Interestingly enough, former Comedy Central pains in the ass Penn and Teller also appear in this episode as the first guests. If you want to get to Joel, just skip ahead to the 12-minute mark, though he also appears in the intro. Surprisingly, Joel actually far exceeds both Penn and Teller in the area of enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, he is also a hell of a lot funnier than either of them, and Space Ghost’s style of awkward, surreal humor seems to suit him. Listen for the classic line from which I took this post’s title.

For those interested, the episode aired during season three of the show and is entitled “$20.01,” a nod to the episode’s 2001-like plot. The episode is available on DVD, as part of the Volume Two box set, which you should buy here. The second half of the interview in particular is gold, and this episode is some classic, classic MSTory. Not to be missed. So don’t miss it.


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  1. THis was after Joel left the show I assume. What was he doing at that point in his career?

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